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Detonate: Chapter 52


The city lights pass by in a blur as we approach the embankment in Waterloo. My driver was waiting for me outside Gatwick Airport. My knee bounces up and down, all the stress of the last few weeks almost evaporating. Every kill, every tear, forgotten.

The only thing that truly matters in life is her.

I swear, as soon as she’s back in my arms again, she’s never leaving.

I can’t live through this pain again.

I couldn’t bring myself to ask about the baby. I am just hoping and praying, for everyone’s sake, they are both ok. I could barely survive thinking Maddie was hurt, let alone my own fucking child.

I never wanted kids, until her.

Now I want everything.

I want her pregnant as many times as she will let me. I once told her I couldn’t give her the family life she so desperately craved. But I was so wrong. I can, and will, give her everything she dreamed of.

The car pulls to a stop. The red lights of the London Eye fill my vision. This is the last time I’ll ever be without her. I slip out of the car, and the cold air wraps around me. Goosebumps spread across my skin as I approach the walkway. My eyes are focused on picking her out in the crowd.

My world stands still as her blonde hair comes into my vision, swishing in the breeze. She’s wrapped up in a black fur coat. I swear to god, my heart stops beating for a second. She has her back to me, her hands resting on the wall overlooking the Thames.

Fuck it, I can’t wait another second.

I jog in her direction, my heart in my throat the entire time. I slow up my pace as I near her, wrapping my arms around her. Her sweet peachy scent calms me. I’d almost forgotten how delicious she smells.

“Did you miss me?” I whisper, nuzzling my nose into her hair.

She sucks in a breath, I slowly move my hands from her ribs, down to that little, perfect round bump. Her cold hands cover mine.

Our baby.

I’ve got them both back.

She turns around in my arms and loops hers around my neck. The second our eyes meet, it’s like I’ve been put back together. All the broken pieces are back into place.

My heart beats again.

My hands settle on her ass, and I crash my lips down to hers. I kiss her with everything I possibly have. Weeks of pain, heartache, poured into a kiss. I reluctantly break the kiss, pressing my forehead against hers.

I grab her face between my hands, assessing her face, her body for any injuries. She laughs, a sound that warms me from the inside. My gaze stops as I reach her left hand. The engagement ring glistens in the city lights. I grab her hand and bring it to my mouth, pressing a soft kiss over the ring.

“Yes,” she whispers. “If you’ll still have me.”

Using my thumb, I tip her chin so her eyes meet mine.

“There is nothing I want more, Maddie. I’d marry you right this second. I want you as mine in every way possible.”

She smiles against my lips. I brush my hand across her jaw and trace down her body, settling on her stomach. I place my palm just under her belly button. You wouldn’t be able to tell there was a bump there from looking, but I can feel it.

“Thank you,” I choke out, closing my eyes.

“We have a strong little one in there. I can’t lie; we had a couple of scary moments. But Frankie has had a private doctor out to me every week to check-up.”

My jaw ticks at her too friendly mention of Frankie.

“Frankie looked after me. Well, both of us,” she adds.

I nod, taking in a deep breath. I don’t need my anger to rear its ugly head right now. I just want to focus on the love of my life.

“I want to know everything later.”

She nods. “Can you take me home?”

“That’s what I’ve been waiting to do from the second I woke up in that hospital bed. Are you ready to go home and spend the rest of your life with me? A life being fucked by the devil?”

“I just need to be fucked, Grayson. I can’t tell you how fucking horny I am right now. These hormones are crazy, and your aftershave is making me want to jump you right here and now. So yes, I am more than ready.”

This woman was made for me.

There is no doubt we were put on this planet for each other. Nothing could ever come close.

“Let’s go.” I plant one more kiss onto her lips.

I lace my fingers through hers and we walk back to the Bentley waiting for us. I open the car door for her. As she bends to get in, I groan as her ass brushes against my thigh. She whips her head around as I slap her ass lightly. I raise my eyebrows and shut the door, then climb into the seat next to her.

“Shall we use that room at the Shard and fly back in the morning?” I whisper in her ear. Her cheeks heat against mine.

I’ll take that as a yes then.


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