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0°Celsius: To thaw a frozen heart
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0°Celsius: To thaw a frozen heart

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Synopsis 0°Celsius: To thaw a frozen heart

“How dare you!!”
His stare and cold voice made me step back with fear scared of what he will do

“You clumsy woman!! Keep those disgusting hands of yours steady or go die somewhere!! How dare you hurt her!! Do you even know who she is!!”

“Alessandro..stop..it’s alright..”
Andrea pleaded from behind but he continued

“Lowlives like you don’t even deserve to step into a place like this bit we were generous to offer you this job….but You being an ungrateful brat couldn’t do one thing right…….Hell you can’t even walk properly how come you were hired for this job!!”

Tears were flowing down my cheeks but he continued to reprimand me


“No Andrea I will not stop..can’t you see what she did…..You are too innocent and generous… you don’t know girls like her…..they envy you and when they can’t compete against you they engage in these dirty tactics …..bloody disgusting people….”

I looked up into his eyes ….my eyes asking him if this is what he thought of me…
How could he even think I did this deliberately!

“Oh my god…your hand…”
And that’s when everyone saw my sacrifice for her except for him.

Since childhood we learn new things by learning from others
We learn how to love others

But she never learned it

Because no one ever showed her what love is

She learned one thing from life
She learned that respect,happiness,heath,power all come to you when you have one thing


And she was desperate to have it

She was willing to work each second of her life for it
But it dosen’t come to people like her so easily

money attracts money and she didn’t had much to start with.

But there was a shortcut


He who had everything he layed his finger on,
He who was not a cliche bad boy
But instead a good one with a heart of gold
Just like the gold glittering the interior of his multi millionare estates.

But this changed

He became a cold hearted arrogant monster when she took his heart with her.
He forget how to love when she showed him what betrayal felt like.

This is the story of a girl who thought wealth was the most important thing in life
But soon realised that love empowers it.

This is the story of a girl who chose wealth over the only person who loved her
Only to realise afterwards that her heart was still captivated by him.

This is the story of that girl who realised her mistake a bit late but was ready to go to any extent to get forgiven .

But will she be forgiven by the man who she broke,
The man whose once burning love for her has frozen down in the ice of his frozen heart.

This is the story of two broken souls,
One seeking for forgiveness and the other burning for revenge.

let’s see if she is able to get back what once was her
or will he  break her just like she broke him

Everything is fair in love and war
And this my friends is a war of broken hearts.

Alessandro Romano

With the title of the ceo of the conglomerate of R.R Industries he was loaded with money but never did he flaunt it.
Ego was not a word in his dictionary and his aura screamed power and respect.
He was never into any kind of relationship because he never had time for it.
He gave work his full attention unless her boldness and beauty distracted him.

He fell hard for her
So hard that he got blinded by it

Blinded by the ulterior motives she carried and the games she played
He fell for the exact girl everyone told him to be beware of
A gold digger


Was she actually one by choice or her circumstances in life made her one?

Was she a gold digger when she donated most of the gold she digged among the poor?

Was she a bad person if she begged for the mistakes she once did and was willing to do anything to amend it?

Make your choice because this story will make you rethink the decisions you make !!

We all make mistakes and she was no exception to it.


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