Evil Boys: Chapter 68


When I’m about to combust again, I pull out of him and lick the salty droplets of sweat off his body. I push him over until he’s facing me, and I take a good look at his spent cock before my gaze settles on his flushed face. “You came from me.”

“I …” he mutters. “I’ve never had that happen before.”

“You’ve never been fucked before?”

He shakes his head. “I do the fucking.”

“Not with me, you don’t,” I say.

I don’t know what’s gotten into me. One moment, I’m dead set on pleasing my girl, and the next, I’m kissing Nathan. A guy. Fucking him like I want him too.

And the strangest part is … maybe I do.

Maybe I do want them both.

He blushes as my hand caresses his cheek. “I thought you weren’t—”

“Guess there’s a first for everything.” Lana interjects, giggling.

She pulls out of Milo, who mewls and falls down onto the bed, curling up to Nathan to peck him on the cheeks.

And I lean in to give him another kiss just because I can, because I want to, because why the fuck not?

Maybe I’m not as straight as I thought I was.

“Fuck,” he whispers.


“I’ve fantasized about it, but I never thought it’d be this sexy.”

I laugh as I crawl off him with a half-hard dick and grab his hand, pulling him up too. “C’mon. Time to make it even sexier.”

Lana takes off the strap and gets off the bed, so I swiftly grab her and throw her over my shoulder.

She squeals. “Hey! What are you doing?”

“You gave us our punishment,” I say, slapping her ass so hard she squeals again. “Now it’s time for yours.”

“What? I didn’t do anything!” she huffs as I take her across the corridor half naked, but I don’t give a fuck that everyone can see us.

“You accused us of something we didn’t do, then got yourself into big fucking trouble because of it,” I growl as I carry her into Nathan’s room.

The boys follow inside, and Milo locks the door as I put her onto the floor while Nathan grabs the stockade.

She grumbles, “Fine. I did. I’m sorry.”

“Too late,” I growl as I grasp her wrists and pin them to the stockade. “This slutty body is going to pay the price now.”

I push her head down before sealing her inside.

It’s our turn to play.


“What?” I gasp as he puts on the locks so I can’t get out.

Fuck. I hadn’t anticipated this after just having fun fucking Milo. First, Kai has his bi-awakening, and now they put me in an actual fucking stockade to have their way with me.

“Grab the lube,” Kai barks at Nathan, who immediately does what he asks. “We’re going to give her a taste of her own medicine.”

He approaches me and tips up my chin as far as possible. “You liked fucking him a little too much, didn’t you?”

When I don’t answer, he forces my lips open and spits inside.

“Answer me.”

I lick my lips. “Yes.”

He smiles. “Good … you’ll enjoy this even more.”

Kai walks to my back and leans over behind me, licking me. Just one lick is enough to send me into the next plane.

“So fucking wet.” He snaps his fingers at Milo. “Get me a plug.”

I try to look, but it’s impossible with these restraints.

I hear something squirting and then feel something cold and hard push into my ass.

I gasp and grind my teeth. “Fuck!”

“You can take it. You’ve taken my big cock, so you can easily take this plug, kitty,” he says, pushing it until it’s all the way inside.

“And now you’ll take my cock along with it too,” he says.

“What?” I yelp, but before I know it, he’s already pushed into my pussy, slowly dipping in deeper, stretching me to the limit.

Nathan grabs the whip and stands before me, then parts my lips with his thumb. “My cock isn’t satiated yet, little slut. Are you going to fix that?”

I almost want to bite him for that comment, but I’ll behave. For now.

Especially with that whip looming in my face.

He slowly dips into my mouth, coating my tongue with his juices. I can still taste the salty cum from before as he pushes in deeper. But it’s hard to even focus with so many things going on all at once.

“That’s it,” he moans. “Lick it all off.”


When the whip comes down onto my back, I cry out in both agony and bliss. “Remember this pain,” he tells me, and he strikes again. “Feel it. Let it own your soul.”


I cry out with the next hit. “Why?”

“Because you need to feel the pain first before you can dish it out.”

He strikes me again, and I let the wave of pain wash over me, adding to the pleasure of feeling him slip deeper into my throat.

Milo comes to stand beside him, gleefully watching over his shoulder. But then Nathan steps aside and pushes him forward. “You too.”

I spit. “Wait, both?”


Kai slaps my ass so hard I squeal.

“I gave you a way out. You didn’t take it. So now you’ll be a good little fucking kitty and let us stretch your mouth, pussy, and ass. Understood?”

Fuck. That made the wetness practically drip out of me.

I nod and part my lips again, and both boys immediately dip their dicks into my mouth. It’s so much I can barely take it, and my eyes begin to water when they try to push farther.

“See how good you take all of our cocks?” Kai groans, thrusting in to the base. “That’s my little kitty, always ready to accept everything we give her like a good little whore.”

I’m lost in ecstasy, my brain overridden by lust, and I don’t even care.

I want nothing more than these boys—these boys who drive me crazy and have me obsessed. Kai’s plowing into me, the plug adding extra pressure to an already pleasurable experience, and my whole body begins to zing.

When Milo hesitates, Nathan whips him instead, and he mewls with arousal.

“Fuck her mouth,” Nathan orders.

Milo goes in even deeper despite the resistance from my teeth.

“Fuck, rub your dick against mine, just like that,” Nathan groans, and he whips him again and again until his skin becomes red and his moans come out in yelps.

But Milo never stops going deeper, and with each strike, he throbs inside me.

With one hand, Nathan grips Milo’s chin and French-kisses him right in front of me, all while they’re both still inside my mouth.

“Fill her up, boys,” Kai says, burying himself inside me.

Nathan and Milo come in sync as they rub against each other while swiveling across my tongue, and I practically choke on all the cum they shoot into the back of my throat.

“Don’t swallow. Hold it,” Nathan orders.

Kai suddenly pulls out of me and marches to the front, waving Nathan and Milo to step aside. He tips open my mouth only to bury himself inside too.

“That’s it, kitty. Drown in us.”

He roars out loud as he jets into me, filling up my throat with a mixture of the three of them, all salty and sticky in a different way.

And with his cock still lodged in my throat, he groans, “Now swallow.”

When I do, his eyes practically roll into the back of his head.

I gasp and heave as he pulls out again, but then he bends over to kiss me so passionately I melt into the restraints that hold me down.

No man has ever been able to subdue me and chain me down, heart and soul.

But these boys … they aren’t just any men at all.

They’re devils in disguise, evil incarnate, demons that have stolen my soul.

And they are mine.

“Now what do you say we leave her here until our cocks are hard again?” Kai muses.

“What?” I bark, thrashing against the stockade. “You wouldn’t!”

He grins.


The lock comes undone.

“You’re right. But I do like you when you hate me so damn much.”

“God, I hate you all so damn much,” I mutter as he lifts the stockade to free me.

He grips my cheeks and makes me look at him. “Say that again.”

“I hate—”

He smashes his lips onto mine, stealing my breath, even if just for a second.

“Now say it again,” he mutters.

“I ha—”

Another kiss has me moaning in response.

“You’re not even trying,” he whispers.


“Now say what you really mean,” he says.

“I … love you,” I mutter, and I almost hate that I have to admit that, but I know it’s the truth. “All of you.”

Kai rewards me with another kiss, placing them all over the corners of my mouth so gently I almost melt away right then and there. He steps aside for a moment, only so Nathan and Milo can kiss me too, their mouths setting my heart ablaze.

“I’ve never not wanted to bow beneath your feet,” Milo hums, lowering himself so he can kiss my hands.

“Love,” Nathan groans. “Do you understand what you’ve done when you said those words out loud, kitty?”

When I nod, he lifts me from the floor and sets me in the shower, all three boys joining me.

“You belong to us. And not even the devil himself will take you from us.” Kai grips my chin while Milo turns on the shower. “You’re ours from now until forever. Yes?”

I nod as the water rushes over our bodies, and I’m overtaken by their commanding smiles, forcing me to submit my heart.

I used to be so goddamn angry they’d attempt to take it.

But now all I feel is a rush of fear … fear for the excitement my future holds.

“You’re not scared of soap like an actual kitty, are you?” Nathan muses.

When I shake my head, Milo grabs a loofah and empties a bottle of soap onto it. “Lean back and relax while we clean, your royal highness.”


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