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Forbidden: Part Two – Chapter 69


I soothed my hand down Josie’s back as she lay on top of me, trying to help her sleep, but she was restless. Cam was in the shower—quite possibly having fallen asleep in there—and Ben was in the kitchen preparing snacks to ease his constant concern that our mate wasn’t eating enough. Getting her to eat was a battle. All she wanted was cock—her words, not mine—and we were on day four of her heat. I’d texted Angie earlier when it was clear that Josie’s heat showed no signs of slowing down. She’d reassured me it was to be expected after Josie’s long history of suppressant use and that as long as it didn’t last longer than a week, our omega would be fine.

If her heat lasted that long, we might actually die.

It’d be the best fucking way to go, but still. Our omega was insatiable.

I trailed my fingers down her back. A fantasy had been playing out in my mind non-stop since our conversation at Trader Joe’s, and I thought this rare moment that I had her to myself might be the right time to play it out.

I wanted to stalk her through the house, chasing her down until she had no chance of escape.

With a little huff, Josie sat up, straddling me and distracting me with the soft bounce of her breasts. I couldn’t stop myself from reaching up to grab them, tweaking her nipples with my fingers as she ground her dripping pussy along the length of my cock.

“I can’t sleep. Too wired,” she said. “Need you.”

I ran my thumbs under her eyes and down her jaw. She’d barely slept these past few days but didn’t look tired. She looked radiant.

Before she could slide my length inside of her, I gripped her hips, holding her still. She looked down at where my hands held her fast, an expression of pure outrage on her face.

“I had another idea, love,” I said, squeezing her hips.

She looked at me with suspicion. “What?” she asked, trying to get some friction against her pussy.

I opened my mouth to tell her, and then insecurity flooded me. What if she hated the idea? What if she thought it was ridiculous or upsetting?

Her eyes softened and she leaned down to kiss me.

“What is it, Theo?” she asked, her breath skating across my skin.

“We don’t have to do it,” I stalled.

“Tell me,” she said, leaning down so her breasts were pressed against my chest as she started sucking on my bond mark.

“You don’t play fair,” I groaned.

She smiled, pulling back to run her hand through my hair. “Good. Now tell me.”

“Do you want to be hunted?” I blurted out in the least seductive tone possible.

Josie’s lips parted and her scent deepened in arousal.

“Yes,” she gasped without hesitation.

I grinned. “Yeah?”

She nodded, sitting up again and bouncing lightly, the motion grinding her pussy against my cock. “But… where?” She looked around the room we’d set up as her nest.

“It’d require you to leave the nest,” I said, sitting up and pulling her flush to my chest.

She bit her lip. I could sense a hint of hesitation in the bond as she thought it through. Usually, omegas didn’t want to leave the nest during their heats, but I thought we were far enough along that she might be willing to try it.

“That feels okay,” she said, looking back at me with a smile.

“Anytime you want to stop, you just say so and we’ll come back here,” I said firmly.

She nodded and slowly licked her lips.

“Good girl,” I said and was rewarded with her perfume.

“Here’s what you’re going to do.” I leaned back so I could snag my bag. “You’re going to put this on for me.” I pulled out a black bodysuit I’d ordered online. It was all soft lace with a thong back and a low-cut front.

Josie took it, nose crinkled. “You want me to put on clothes?”

I laughed. “Not sure this really counts as clothes. But I think you’ll like it.”

She reluctantly climbed off me and pulled on the bodysuit. I helped her with the straps, my cock weeping with precum at how sexy she looked. The lace was barely enough to hold in her breasts, her nipples hard as they peeked out from the fabric. Straps crisscrossed her back, framing the top of her plump ass, which was fully exposed from the thong. I couldn’t wait to tear it off of her.

“I don’t look stupid?” she asked, a hint of anxiety in her gaze.

I blinked in shock. How could she think that for even a second?

“What?” I asked, my voice almost a growl as I dragged her body against mine. “You are the fucking sexiest,” I kissed her forehead, “hottest,” I kissed her cheek, “most spectacular omega, no, the most spectacular being in the entire world.” I cupped her jaw and kissed her deeply, our tongues rubbing against each other as I nipped and sucked her lush lips.

She looked dazed when I finally pulled away.

“You understand?” I asked, gripping her chin.

A smile spread across her face, and she nodded. “Thank you,” she said, almost shyly. She shifted her weight, her body brimming with energy. “Now what?”

“Now, pet, you run and hide and hope the monster doesn’t find you,” I said, my voice slipping into a growl.

Josie shuddered and a gush of slick soaked the bodysuit. Her eyes were glazed. I ran my hands down her legs, stopping when my thumbs rested inches from her sweet little cunt. “You better run,” I whispered in her ear.

She moaned before pulling away. I eyed her to make sure she was steady on her legs. Then she let out a nervous giggle before running out of the room.

I wondered how long I could force myself to wait. Each second without her next to me felt like an eternity.

I paced around the nest, counting the seconds.

After four minutes, I decided I’d waited long enough.

I stalked out of the room, letting my alpha instincts take over as I followed her sweet scent down the stairs. It grew stronger until I was standing in front of the office door. Little omega couldn’t hide from me.

I threw the door open and prowled around the room, but her scent was faint and she wasn’t under the desk or in the closet. Confused, I returned to the door, wondering why her scent was so strong there. Catching another whiff, I leaned in and realized she had put her slick on the wooden door frame.

I chuckled, my alpha delighted at the challenge. Sneaky pet.

I whirled around to track her down again, entering the kitchen where Ben had put together a massive tray of Josie’s favorite breakfast foods. He snorted when he saw me.

“A delicious creature ran through here,” he said with a smile. “But she made me promise not to tell you where she went.”

I grinned. “Don’t worry, I’ll track her down.”

“I’m heading up to the nest,” he said, picking up the tray. “Come find me when you’re done with your prize.”

I left the kitchen and turned around in the hallway, trying to think where an omega in heat would want to go. My eyes caught on the door to the large linen closet by the laundry room. The perfect, enclosed, nest-like space.

I pressed my face against the crack in the door and was rewarded with a burst of fresh vanilla. I smiled, a rumble going through my chest as I threw the door open. A pile of blankets on the floor let out a suspicious gasp.

“Naughty pet. Thought you could run from me,” I said, tearing the sheets off the floor and exposing my omega. Her hair was wild around her face, her breaths coming fast, and the air was thick with arousal. I grabbed her legs, dragging her out of the closet. She shrieked, clawing at the floor, the doorframe, at anything to stop me, but it was futile. My alpha roared in approval as I pinned her underneath me, her chest heaving.

“Let me go,” she cried out, kicking her legs, which were soaked in her slick. “I’m not yours.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, pet. I’m never letting you go.” I leaned over her, bending her legs and pressing them towards her chest. Her pupils were so large they took up most of the vibrant green of her eyes.

“You good?” I mouthed.

She nodded, biting her lip to hide her smile before she struggled against my hold again.

“You can’t do this,” she shrieked, reaching down to pry my hands from her skin, but my hands didn’t budge.

“I’m going to bring you pleasure until you scream my name, then fill you with my cum and mark you with my scent so everyone knows you belong to me.”

I tore the bodysuit off of her, my cock twitching with the satisfying rip of the lace. She squealed, struggling to get away, but I grabbed onto her thighs and pulled her towards me.

I chuckled darkly, tightening my grip as I forced her thighs apart. I lowered my face to her sweet pussy and breathed in the intoxicating scent of her. I’d planned on teasing her until she was begging, screaming for me to take her, but now that I was here, I had a better idea.

I dove right in, pressing my tongue into her tight passage, sucking up her sweet slick, before licking up to her clit. She moaned and it spurred me on. I licked and sucked her clit and was rewarded with a burst of her slick as she came. She tried to push me away, but I just growled, continuing the pleasurable torture until she came again.

And again.

Her body was flushed and covered with a sheen of sweat as I forced her to give me all her pleasure. I stuffed her cunt full of my fingers, curling them to continuously hit her pleasure spot as she whimpered and moaned, her limbs weak from the near dozen orgasms she’d had.

“That’s right, fuck yourself against my fingers. Take what you need.”

Her hips came off the ground as she forced me deeper. The sounds she made were wild and primal. I clenched my knot to keep myself from coming, pushed so close to the edge by her taste, her smell, her pleasure.

“Beg,” I gritted out. “Beg for my knot, pet.”

“Please,” she said, a tear trailing down her cheek. “Please fuck me, knot me. I need you.”

“Say you’re mine,” I said, moving up her body and notching my cock at her entrance.

“Yours, forever, always,” she gasped out.

With a roar, I sheathed myself inside her cunt, knot and all. She sobbed as she came again, digging her fingers into my back. The sting spurred me on and I rutted into her, unleashing a seemingly endless stream of cum inside her. My alpha snarled with satisfaction that my knot sealed it inside her. I imagined myself pushing my cum back inside her with my fingers even after my knot deflated.

I panted, keeping my weight on my forearms so I didn’t crush her as I pressed my face into her throat.

“God, Theo,” she moaned.

I pulled back so I could meet her gaze. She looked stunned.

“I don’t know where that came from, but anytime you have a fantasy, please share it.”

I grinned, the haze of the chase and my rut fading. I held her tight as I rolled on the floor so she was lying on top of me.

“It wasn’t too much?” I asked.

“It was way too fucking much,” she moaned, snuggling into my chest. “In the very best way.”

Then she finally fell asleep, her body limp on top of me, my knot still sealed in her cunt.


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