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Forbidden: Part Two – Chapter 70


Scents swirled around the nest, thick and intoxicating, as Cam placed soft, fur-lined leather cuffs on my wrists.

I’d been scared I would feel out of control during my heat, but I still felt like me. Just a knot-and-orgasm-obsessed version of me. My omega had taken over, and she was confident in demanding what she wanted.

“You still want to do this?” Cam asked, tilting my chin up so I met his gaze.

“Yes, alpha,” I said earnestly. My body was sore and exhausted, but my heat wasn’t done yet and I wanted more. More of my alphas, more pleasure, more knots. My mind felt sharper than it had the past few days—maybe a sign that my heat was coming to a close—but my body felt just as needy as ever.

“Whatever my baby girl wants,” Cam responded, kissing me before leading me over to a clear spot on the floor.

I knew Cam had been nervous about dominating me during my heat, but I fucking loved it. I kept demanding more from him, and I felt him grow more confident as the days went on.

“You tell me if you need to stop,” he said, gripping my face. Slick gushed out of me at his stern tone, and I whimpered. Stop? Why would I ever want to stop this?

“Keep going,” I demanded, my lip jutting out in a pout.

Cam grinned and his expression was so fucking sexy. I tried to rub against him, my pussy somehow still needing attention. But he didn’t let me. Instead, he tied a length of rope to the chain between my cuffs and then attached it to a hook in the ceiling, pulling the rope until my body was taut. I pulled against the restraints, but they held fast. My feet were still on the ground, but barely.

How was he so prepared? He had literal ceiling hooks. Also, why hadn’t we used this earlier? 

Then a dark, slimy emotion settled in my chest. How many other women had he done this with in here?

Cam paused his movements, clearly sensing the change in my mood.

“Baby girl?”

“How many women have you fucked in here?” I snarled and then cringed. I hadn’t meant for it to sound so accusatory.

Cam’s eyes widened, his lush lips parting. He gripped my hips tight, pulling me flush against his cock.

“You jealous, little omega?” he murmured. I squirmed, trying to escape him, but I was at his mercy.

“Fuck you,” I heard myself say. What was wrong with me?

Instead of getting angry, Cam pulled me closer, one hand gripping the back of my neck and the other cupping my ass cheek.

“You never need to be jealous, sweetheart,” he said, placing little kisses down my jaw. “No one except our pack has been in the cabin.” His mouth continued its journey down my neck. “I set this up just for you because I knew it would make you so fucking turned on your slick would drip down onto the floor. You’re the only one for me. Now and forever.” I cried out as his lips latched onto his bond mark and sucked hard.

His words and touch had cut through the red haze of jealousy, and it helped to know he’d never brought someone else here. This space belonged to just our pack.

“Okay,” I murmured, sucking on Cam’s bond mark and scent marking his chest.

Cam chuckled. “Hate seeing you upset, but fucking love how possessive you are of me.”

A bare chest pressed against my back and I breathed in Theo’s heady scent.

“Look at our omega all on display for us,” he said.

“So perfect, so sexy, and completely at our mercy,” Cam said, his voice deep as he pinched my nipples. Slick dripped down my thighs.

“Need… I need…” I cried out, not exactly sure what I was asking for. The helplessness of having my hands bound above me was both frustrating and deeply arousing.

“Speaking of jealousy,” Cam said. “I think Theo was jealous earlier.”

I tried to twist to look at Theo, but Cam had my hips firmly in his grasp.

“I think he wants to spank you.” Cam’s lips brushed against my ear and Theo groaned, grinding his cock against my ass cheeks.

Oh god.

My skin flamed with desire. Theo squeezed my ass hard, the sting going straight to my pussy. Then he shifted his hands to my nipples, playing with them as he ground his cock against me.

“Would you want that?” he asked.

I almost rolled my eyes. What kind of question was that? Of course, I wanted it. I wanted everything they could give me.

“If you want it, you need to beg,” Cam said, his voice seductive.

I whimpered, pulling on my restraints. My skin was on fire and my pussy contracted with need.

“Please, Theo, please spank me,” I begged, grinding against him the best I could.

“Hmm… and why should I do that?” he asked, trailing his fingers lightly down my backside.

I let out a growl. I was not in the mood to be kept waiting.

“Did you hear our omega growl at me?” Theo asked Cam.

“I did,” Cam responded. “It’s very naughty to growl at your alphas.”

“That deserves some punishment.”


“But I’m a good girl,” I whined, reveling in playing the brat. Maybe that’s why I loved these games so much… because I got to be bratty in a way I could never be growing up, and they would never get angry at me, never punish me.

Well, they would punish me, but in the most delicious way possible.

I didn’t get any warning before Theo’s hand smacked my ass. I moaned at the stinging pleasure. I saw Cam give Theo a nod and he continued spanking me, varying the speed and intensity so I never knew what to expect. All I could do was surrender—to the bondage, to my stinging skin, to my alphas.

Cam thrust his fingers into my pussy, grinding the heel of his palm against my clit. It wasn’t long before I came, my orgasm rushing through me and leaving me boneless. Slick dripped down my thighs and my perfume filled the air. Theo’s hands cupped my ass, soothing the tender skin.

“You want your alphas to fuck you, naughty omega?” Theo asked, giving my tender cheeks a squeeze.

I moaned and nodded furiously. “Yes, please.”

They wasted no time—Theo lubed my ass and Cam slipped into my pussy. Then they were fucking me, pulling back and forth on my hips. I was helpless between them, but I felt powerful at the same time.

I closed my eyes, lost to the sensation. Fingers worked my clit as they filled me, fucking me fast and hard. I came with a cry, shattering around them, and they followed right behind me.

They both pulled out, their cum dripping from me. I was briefly disappointed that neither of them had knotted me, but I was feeling very close to being completely done. They were so in tune with me; it felt like they knew my body better than I did, and my body was sending signals that my heat was coming to a close.

Cam untied my arms and I whimpered at the pins and needles sensation as he lowered them.

“You did so well,” he murmured, massaging the feeling back into them as Theo rubbed my back.

“You take her,” Cam said to Theo. “I’m going to get a cloth to clean her up.”

I shivered as I collapsed into Theo’s arms. He laid me back down in the nest and pulled a blanket over us without letting go of me for even a second. His touch was so devoted and tender that a lump formed in my throat.

“You know you’re always my good girl?” he asked, lying on his side as he faced me and brushed the hair from my face. “Nothing could ever change that.”

His warm, brown eyes were filled with so much love it took my breath away. I clutched at him, wanting our bodies to be fully entwined. He knew what I needed, pulling my top leg between his and wrapping both arms around me in a tight hold.

Nothing could ever get better than this.

Warm water surrounded me, lapping gently at my tender skin. I leaned my head back with a sigh and realized I was resting against Ben.

“You back with us, gorgeous?” he asked, massaging his hands down my arms.

“Mmm,” I responded, too tired to form words.

Ben shook with laughter and purred, the vibrations soothing me. I shifted so my side was against his chest, wanting to see him better. His dark curls were damp from the bath and when he smiled, it lit up my body. It was almost enough to make me want to initiate something if I hadn’t been so sore. He ran his thumb across my lips, swollen from so many kisses.

“You’re so incredible, precious. So sexy and beautiful and mine,” he murmured.

I snuggled into his chest, trailing my hands down his skin. His body had softened the past couple of months as he’d cut back on his workouts, instead spending his mornings with me and his days in the kitchen doing the things that made him happy. And he was just as damn sexy as before.

“How long was my heat?” I asked. The heat fog hadn’t been scary like I’d thought. Memories of my heat were wrapped in a lust-induced haze, but they were still there.

“Five days.”

“What?” I choked out, pushing myself off his chest. His arms tightened around me, and he tugged me back down so I was flush with his skin again.

“Shh, you’re okay. Theo made me promise to keep you calm. Something about regulating hormones. Or maybe it was something else. I wasn’t paying attention.”

I snorted, but his ridiculousness helped me relax. I’d never heard of a heat lasting over four days—two or three was more common. Angie had warned me mine would probably be on the long side after my years of suppressant use, but I hadn’t been expecting that. It freaked me out that so many days had passed without my awareness, but my alphas had been with me the whole time—protecting, feeding, and pleasuring me. My cheeks flushed as I remembered last night’s bondage scene. I guessed that’s what broke my heat.

I looked around, not seeing my other alphas.

As if he knew I was about to ask, Ben said, “Theo’s getting you some snacks and Cam is passed out in the nest. You completely exhausted us, precious.”

I grinned, feeling a bit proud of that.

“Thanks for being here with me,” I murmured, kissing Ben’s chest. My eyelids felt heavy again.

“Nowhere else I’d want to be,” he responded, brushing his thumb over my bond mark as he held me tight, sending all his love down the bond.


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