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HUGE PLAYERS: Chapter 26

“So who does Maisie spend time with first?” Joshua asks. His eyes are on me, hungrier than I’ve ever seen him look. Now the logistics are out of the way, it seems he’s not planning on wasting any more time.

“Well, Kyle, Kameron, and Jameson have all…” Jessie pauses, stumbling over how to put what’s happened between us without sounding crude.

“So I guess it’s me and you,” Joshua says, slapping Jessie’s shoulder.

“Is that okay?” I ask the rest.

Kyle and Kameron nod. Jameson strokes his beard, looking at the rest of his triplets. “If I was in better physical health, there is no way I’d be leaving you two to have your fun without me, but this leg is fucked.” He waves at his strapped-up limb, which is sticking out of the side of the comforter.

“Guess you’re going to miss out, then,” Joshua says, grinning. I wonder if there will ever be a time when this sibling rivalry doesn’t surprise me.

I don’t like the idea of Jameson being left out, especially because he’s injured and we’ve neglected him today. When I move to perch next to him on the bed and take his hand, he smiles.

“You gonna be alright without me, babe?”

“I guess I’m going to have to be,” I say.

He runs his hand over his beard, which has gotten bushier over the past few days. “Probably for the best.”

I laugh and stroke his cheek. “I like your scruff,” I say.

“Rubs in all the right places.” When he wiggles his eyebrows I can’t help but laugh.

“You’ll be asking for a bed bath, next,” Joshua says.

“Actually, that’s not a bad idea. Give me ten minutes and I’ll come and find you,” I say. That wipes the smile off his face.

I usher Jameson’s brothers from his room and head to his bathroom to retrieve what I need. There’s a bowl on the counter that I guess his mom left before she went away. I fill it with warm water and some soap, shaking my hands to make it bubbly. I grab a towel and flannel and head back to the bedroom.

“You’re seriously going to do this?” he says.

“Yes I am. Get naked, buster.”

Jameson laughs and leans forward, tugging his shirt over his head. “Anything so you can get your hands on my cock.”

“I reckon you can wash that yourself.”

“Now where’s the fun in that?”

I help him pull his shorts down, easing them over his injured leg, and when I’m done, I almost swoon. Damn, his body is a work of art. By the pool, I’d found it overwhelming, but here, this close, I can’t quite believe it.

Why would a man who looks like this be interested in getting his hands on my soft, curvy body? He’s hard all over, especially between his legs. It’s pretty damn obvious that the idea of my sponging down his body is arousing. His cock is rock hard and tapping his navel.

He’s quiet as I wash his chest and back, his arms and stomach. The ripples of his muscles beneath his gorgeous tan skin make me hot between my legs, and I haven’t even gotten to the best bit. I leave his cock, focusing on his legs; powerful thighs and strong calves. Even his knee is arousing. I soap each foot gently and he sighs with pleasure even before I touch him where he’s hard and aching.

“You know nurses are supposed to remain professional,” I say. “I should really leave your…private parts to you.”

“Private parts.” He laughs, taking hold of his cock roughly. “They weren’t that private to you the other day.”

“No they weren’t,” I smile. “I’m really sorry…I shouldn’t have done what I did.”

“Given me the best orgasm I’ve ever had, you mean.”

I’m not sure that I believe that’s true but the sentiment is sweet. “What I did has gotten us both into a whole heap of trouble.”

Jameson waves his hand. “So we had a good time together. It’s not illegal, is it?”

“I just…I should have put your health first.”

Jameson takes my hand, bringing it to his lips. “You did what I needed, Mais. Exactly what I needed. You made me feel like a man again, instead of wounded animal.”

His words touch my heart because I hear the truth there. Jameson’s not used to feeling anything but strong. His body is powerful and his mind is fierce. The injury has done more than damage his leg. It’s taken away his independence. I’m so glad that being with me is what he needs because being here with him fills me with happiness.

I ease his hand away from his cock, using the cloth to wipe it gently. He closes his eyes, putting his hands behind his head, his hips moving with every stroke. When he’s clean, I use my hands to stroke him, slicking away his pre-cum and gripping him firmly. “Fuck,” he grunts as his cock begins to swell. He’s close and every movement is bringing him closer to the relief he needs.

“That’s it,” I say. “That’s it.”

I lower myself to my knees and take his cock into my mouth, sliding it in until it hits the back of my throat. Jameson hisses, the pleasure almost too much. I know how that feels; when pleasure and pain are too close to bear. It doesn’t take a lot to tip him over the edge; circling my tongue round the sensitive tip and sucking hard. When he comes, I swallow down every wave of his pleasure and he groans like the powerful man he is.

I take my time to towel him dry, finding him a fresh t-shirt and pair of shorts in his closet. I dress him and kiss him tenderly.

“Thank you,” he says fiercely, his hand gripping my hair at my nape. “For everything.”

“Just get better,” I tell him. “Rest and heal, and when you’re back on your feet, I want to know exactly what it’s like to be with you…the whole Jameson.”

He kisses me again and I reach down beside him, taking hold of the plate of food I prepared him earlier. “Eat, Jameson. You need your strength.”

“You’re going to need your strength too,” he says looking at the door.

His brothers are waiting for me. It’s time for me know all of my stepbrothers.


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