Sissy Feminization: Exposing His Secret: Chapter 5

The ground floor is filled with the sounds of the doorbells suddenly bursting alive.

‘Coming’ Kathryn shouts as she heads towards the door wondering who may be calling at such a late hour.

‘Hello there’ a tall man towers over her, his large body barely contained within the door frame,

‘We are your new neighbours and we thought we would pop in and introduce ourselves’ a blonde woman standing in front of him interjects as the couple extend their hands for a handshake.

‘Oh,it’s nice to meet you’ Kathryn smiles, shaking the couple hands ‘So when did you guys move in’

‘Oh me and my husband sealed the deal yesterday’ the blonde smiled back at the male.

Kathryn couldn’t help but notice how the couple looked like the perfect supermodel duo. The woman stood in front of her husband, wearing a tight white low cut top, showcasing the fullness of her large breasts and teasing the world with the depth of her cleavage. Her jeans wrapped around her legs snugly showing off her slender thighs and breathtaking ass. The husband towered over both women, his muscles bulged as he gripped onto the doorframe, smiling at Kathryn. His black t-shirt stretched across his sculpted chest, she couldn’t help but notice the outline of his nipples were visible.

‘Oh congratulations’ Kathryn clapped her hands ‘Welcome to the neighbourhood, have you guys moved in yet?’

‘Me and Tom were just discussing that’ the blonde looked back up at her husband ‘We have moved in the basics and the rest we are going to haul in over the weekend’

‘Chloe’s brother has agreed to help us out with his moving truck’ Tom broke his silence.

‘Oh well, it’s nice to meet you Chloe and Tom’

Meanwhile, Jennifer had finally cleared the bedroom, his balls aching from the unexpected assault from his wife. Jennifer resisted jerking off to relieve the pent up sexual tension throbbing between his legs. Despite the unexpected turn of events and the sudden dark side his wife portrayed, he was finding the ordeal strangely arousing. More so than he would have ever imagined. The dull ache continued to pound inside his left testicle every step he took, and so he walked a little slower down the stairs. He heard a murmur of noises but couldn’t make out who’s there were. The bruised husband gradually descended to the bottom of the stairs and noticed his wife holding the door open, talking to a couple of strangers. Shit, shit, shit.  Jennifer murmurs to himself, he decides to quickly turn back round and head back to the safety of the bedroom.

‘Oh Jennifer, why don’t you pop over here and meet our new neighbours’ Kathryn notices the noise of her husband slowly descend the staircase and decides to humiliate him further.

Jennifer freezes, he knows he can’t head back up know. He shakes his head in the absurdity of the predicament he has landed himself in, covered in his wife’s makeup, wearing a short pink skirt, a tight top, a maid’s outfit, robed in his wife’s pink bra and panties and sporting a painfully throbbing erection between his legs.

Jennifer shuffles forward discreetly hoping to tuck his cock inside his pink panties and under the waistband, pressing between his stomach and the tip of his pink panties.

‘This is my maid’ Kathryn wraps her arm around her husband’s shoulders and squeezes him gently.

‘Nice to meet you’ Chloe smiles.

‘Jennifer has been a loyal servant of mine for over 10 years’ Kathryn smiles ‘She’ll do anything I ask her and to absolute perfection’

‘I bet’ Tom smirks as he stares directly at Kathryn’s husband.

Jennifer struggles to contain his embarrassment as he notices Tom holding his gaze on him. Jennifer smiles back at Tom and notices his eye slowly wandering across his body, hovering across his chest secretly stuffed with tissue paper before resting on his crotch. Jennifer’s heart skips several beats nervously, anticipating the ground below him opening up and swallowing him whole, relieving him of the cruel torture his wife is slowly drilling into him.

Jennifer can’t help blushing, imagining at any moment his wife turning around and announcing this is a practical joke. Which would be bad enough. But certainly better than convincing their new neighbours he was her maid. The crossdressing husband clenches his thighs as he starts to feel his masculinity slowly getting crushed under the weight of his wife’s domination. Standing dressed in a maid’s outfit and in his wife’s underwear, standing next to her and in front of a stunning young blonde and a huge guy towering over him.

Strangely, Jennifer feels his cock beginning to twitch as the dull ache from within his testicles disappears and is quickly replaced by a throbbing urge to relieve himself. Jennifer fights his natural instincts to stare down and ensure his throbbing erection is tucking neatly between his legs and isn’t showing signs of unveiling itself unexpectedly to the world.

‘Why don’t you both pop in and join me for drinks, let me welcome you to the neighbourhood in style’ Kathryn extends her arm opening the invitation into the kitchen.

‘That’ll be lovely, thank you’ Chloe opens her arms out and reaches in for a hug while Tom shakes Kathryn’s hand.

‘Follow through into the kitchen over their, pull the sliding doors open and grab a seat in the back garden. I’ll be with you in a moment’ Kathryn watches as the couple proceed to the rear of the property.

‘Why don’t you grab us some wine Jennifer’ Kathryn flashes a cruel smile towards her husband as she joins the neighbours in the garden.

Jennifer watches his wife’s ass as she saunters away from him, swaying her cheeks from side to side, no doubt teasing him of his new found place in their relationship. He grabs a bottle of red wine and scoops up four wine glasses unsure of whether he will be able to drink with the trio. Kathryn has introduced him as the maid. Surely he can’t show his face as the husband at a later stage? Jennifer entertains the thought of rushing up changing into his usual attire and presenting himself as her husband. He ponders if he will be recognizable as the maid. He quickly dismisses the thought, the mere idea of scrubbing the makeup off would take ages. And he knows once he is alone, he will be unable to prevent himself of relieving himself of his pent up orgasm bubbling inside his throbbing ballsack.

Jennifer quickly tips various snacks onto a plate and neatly segments the different nibbles. He juggles the four glasses, the bottle of wine and the plate outside and places it on the table cautiously, anxiously waiting for Kathryn’s lead.

Kathryn places two glasses in front  of the neighbours and motions for her husband to pour the glass. Jennifer leans in slowly pouring the red wine, mindful his face is inches away from the two new neighbours. Chloe lifts her glass and pulls it closer to her, forcing Jennifer to lean forward. Jennifer becomes unaware his skirt suddenly becomes hiked up from behind as he exposes his panty clad ass for his wife’s amusement.

‘Don’t forget my glass’ Kathryn giggles as she waves her glass in front of Jennifer.

Jennifer manages to catch his response in time before it leaves his lips, it’s bad enough he is dressed in a pink maid’s outfit and is miraculously able to pull it off without the neighbours knowing. But he knows there is no way, he’d be able to open his mouth and maintain the charade. The sissy maid pivots on her heel to pour his wife’s glass.

Kathryn pulls her wine glass between her legs and hovers it above her pantyless crotch.

‘Fill me up’ Kathryn smiles forcing Jennifer to bend down even further as he struggles from spilling the contents of the wine bottle all over his wife’s lap. A gentle gust of wind attacks Jennifer’s legs slipping between his thighs and teasing his hard cock and he suddenly realises how much of his ass is carelessly flashing to both of their new neighbours.

‘Having fun?’ the dominant wife whispers barely loud enough for Jennifer to hear as she notices his throbbing erection struggling to contain itself within his panties.

Jennifer smiles back at his wife, stunned at the power she suddenly wielded over him. Jennifer grabs the fourth wooden chair and attempts to sit down but Kathryn quickly hooks her feet around the legs of the chair, drags them closer to her and places both of her feet on the seat.

‘Getting a little too friendly aren’t we?’ Kathryn teases.

Jennifer doesn’t respond.

‘Won’t you be a darling and hang around, ready to refill our glasses dear’ Kathryn smiled.

‘So do you live alone in this house or are you married’ Chloe continues the meet and greet raising her glass before she takes the first gulp of the evening.

The world around Jennifer suddenly comes to a grinding halt as he awaits the next few words to leave his wife’s crimson red lips. There was still a glimmer of hope they could turn back and Jennifer could eventually be introduced as James, her husband at a later stage. But if Kathryn decided to play along with her charade, James’s male identity would be smothered as long as the neighbours were around.

‘My career takes up a lot of my time’ Kathryn ran the tip of her fingertip across the rim of her glass.

‘What line of work are you in’ Tim interjected

‘I’m a lawyer’

‘I see’ Chloe motions towards Jennifer to fill up her glass

‘And as such I find my career intrudes into too much of my social life. The late nights at the office. The frequent business trips. It’s leaves very little me time’ Kathryn continues

Jennifer gulps as he knows the words before his wife has even uttered them

‘It is just me and my beautiful maid Jennifer here in this house’ Kathryn smiles at her husband wondering how he is managing to contain his arousal and humiliation without exploding in a tirade.

Jennifer smiles and looks down at his feet, humbled by her words. Insignificant to the neighbours yet life changing for both him and his wife. They have now turned a corner which they are unlikely to be able to turn back from. A corner where Kathryn holds the key to his masculinity, and if he knows anything about his ballbusting lawyer wife. She will be dangling the key to his masculinity mere inches away from him, close enough to convince him at a chance to revert back and just far enough that it’s forever out of his reach.

‘Jennifer has been kind enough to put together a few nibbles’ Kathryn slides the plate towards the couple ‘but would you like something to eat?’

‘Oh you don’t need to go to any trouble for us’ Chloe shakes her head concerned she is creating more work for the maid

‘It’s no trouble at all, Jennifer will whip something up in no time.’

Kathryn pulls her husband closer intentionally forcing him to bend over exposing his pantys and his ass to Chloe and Tom. Chloe looks away out of respect but Tom smiles as he notices the fullness of the maid’s ass. A sudden gust of wind slips under Jennifer’s skirt and lifts her pink outfit up exposing her legs and crotch for the world to see, magnifying his predicament to the world. Jennifer quickly scrambles to pat the skirt down desperate to hide his throbbing erection from the unsuspecting neighbours. The couple sat behind Jennifer chuckle at Jennifer’s feeble attempts to contain his modesty unaware the maid was packing a huge cock in front of him.

‘Can you pop something in the oven for us’ Kathryn whispers as her eyes lock with her embarrassed husband’s fear ridden eyes as they slowly show signs of become tearful under the embarrassment of humiliation his wife is dragging him through.

Jennifer feebly nods his head in response.

‘Thanks hun’ Kathryn pouts her lips and discreetly blows a kiss directed towards Jennifer’s red lips.

Jennifer quickly scurries into the kitchen, grabs a handful of items as his mind starts racing with a million thoughts. The night slowly becomes a blur for Jennifer as he controls his anguish of his humiliation as he prepares a meal for the trio sat in the garden porch, the neighbours and his married wife mingling with each other. The choruses of laughs, the smiles and the vibrancy of the trio enter the kitchen and taunt Jennifer as he gazes through the see through sliding doors into the porch, wondering if there truly was a way back from his predicament.

Jennifer serves on Kathryn and the two neighbours hand and foot, delivering them an exquisite meal and tending to their frequent requests to refill their wine glasses. Despite his attempts to engage in the conversation , Kathryn casually dismisses her husband with her hand, indicating that he stand several feet away to respond if required. Instead, he is forced to watch as his wife over ten years as she flirts and engages with the couple next door, watching helplessly as his wife takes on the role of a single powerful woman, secretly emasculating her husband with every passing second.

Jennifer observes as the trio hungrily wolf down their meals, and a warm tingly sensation strokes her insides as she hears the compliments on a tasty meal. The feminized husband watches as Chloe is the final one to complete the contents of her plate, observing her swallow the last mouthful. Jennifer slips in and grabs the plates, escorting them to the sink for a thorough wash.

‘Thanks Jennifer, that was a fantastic meal’ Tom nods at Kathryn as he watches Jennifer juggle the plates into the kitchen, observing his ass.

‘Hear hear’ Kathryn smiles ‘Well done’

Kathryn hungrily swallows half a glass of wine ‘She never ceases to amaze me. This may be Jennifer’s best meal yet’

‘Oh my, is that the time’ Chloe glances at the time on her phone ‘Honey it’s almost 11pm’

‘We should make a move’ Tom smiles

‘Thank you for the lovely meal and your hospitality Kathryn. It was a pleasure meeting you. I’m afraid we should head off, it’s getting late and we both have an early start tomorrow’ Chloe stands up

‘The pleasure was all mine’ Kathryn hugs both Chloe and Tom ‘It was lovely to meet you both, are you ok to make your way out’

‘We are indeed, thanks again’ Chloe grabs her handbag, smiles at Jennifer on her way out and heads towards the front door with her husband ‘The next meal is at ours’

‘I’ll hold you to that’ Kathryn raises her glass to the couple as they exit her house

Kathryn waits for the front door to slam shut before she quietly sneaks up on her husband scrubbing the dishes.

‘You did really well tonight babes’ She leans in and whispers in his ear gently cloaking Jennifer’s senses. The horny wife slips her hand under her husband’s skirt and skillfully explores his body, hunting for his cock. She feels his thickness pressing against the tight confines of the pink panties gasping for release. She lifts the tip of the waistband of the pink panties and slowly pulls out the head of Jennifer’s cock, gripping the essence of her husband’s masculinity in the palm of her cruel and twisted hands, she stands it in an upright position, lining up the tip of his penis with the edge of her waistband. Kathryn pulls the waistband as far out as she can and holds the elastic material straining for a few seconds, without warning, she releases the elastic waistband and smiles as the material viciously snaps back colliding painfully with the tip of Jennifer sensitive throbbing cock.

‘Hurry up and wash the dishes, it’s time for the next step’ Kathryn pats her husband’s burning cock before leaving him to complete his chores.

Jennifer winces as he reels from the unexpected pain inflicted upon the tip of his sensitive cock, but struggles to contain his arousal, eager to follow his wife blindly into the next step of their new reality.


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