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Stolen by The Pack: Chapter 22


9 Months Later

wasn’t fun.

I felt ready to pop as I helped paint the garage in our new home in Howl’s Edge.

The men wore plastic garb from head to toe, while I wore a simple black apron over my red summer dress. It was a beautiful day outside. I could see the ocean’s waves from our new house. I loved it. Grant and the pack were able to buy a house on the island after working a couple of months with Caleb, and we had just moved in.

I never imagined how big I had gotten. It was heavy carrying around this baby, but at least the nausea and dizziness stopped.

“Take a break, baby,” said Wesley, coming over and kissing my neck.

“Painting takes my mind off things,” I insisted, swiping the paintbrush over the wall in a neat stroke of white paint. I was enjoying this. I straightened back up, massaging my lower back.

“Your dad will have my neck if I don’t stop you from working,” said Wesley. “Considering that they live right next door.”

“How do you feel about them living next door?” I asked lightly, knowing he was the most nervous of all the men.

“I got used to it,” said Wesley, taking off his glove and rubbing my pregnant belly in circles. The men loved rubbing my belly and feeling the baby kick. We purposely didn’t want to find out the gender of the baby. The doctor at the East Omega Birthing Clinic said I’d have to go through a scheduled c-section as most omegas did. I didn’t feel comfortable with that, but I still wanted to be alive at the end of all this.

“Wesley, quit flirting and get working,” grunted Grant. “Tonight is your turn with her anyway.”

“I’m trying to get her to stop working so hard,” argued Wesley. Then under his breath. “Jealous ass.”

I started to feel a twinge in my lower belly, like a tightening in my lower section.

I set the paintbrush down.

“You might be right, actually,” I said. “I’m going to take a little break.”

“Let me get a kiss first, beautiful,” said Tony.

I looked up, and his lips descended on mine. Kissing me thoroughly before I left the garage. Butterflies never failed to overwhelm me every time he kissed me like this. His sweet smell of cologne was like a drug. I felt like he and Grant were the most jealous of all the guys when it came to me.

“You smell good,” I said.

He kissed my neck and tried pulling down my white shirt. My skin heated under his warm thick lips.

“Tony get to work,” ordered Grant. “We got to get this garage done by tonight.”

“Alright,” he rasped, reluctantly lifting his mouth off the top of my boob.

“We’ll play later,” I whispered teasingly, biting his lower lip.

“Damn,” he breathed as I walked away.

I was aroused right now, but I didn’t want to start a fight in there. Grant and Sam seemed pretty serious this morning about getting all the painting done in the house before the new baby arrived next week.

I removed my apron, walking into the house. The house was spacious, with tall cream walls and a beige sectional in the living room. The kitchen had a large island in the middle of it, and I bought a little plant to put in the middle.

Pouring a glass of water, I stood in the kitchen, jugging it down. It felt so cool and refreshing down my throat. I took my apron off and hung it over a chair as another spasm of pain wracked through me.

I slowly limped to the closest bedroom. The baby’s nursery.

I sat on the rocking chair, looking around at the finished room. We decorated the walls light green and the little bed was covered in green sheets. I had so much fun decorating this room with my pack. Little plush fur toys were everywhere, and a giant teddy bear sat in the corner to Tony’s insistence. I couldn’t wait for my baby to enjoy all this.

Suddenly, a sharp pain hit my lower belly, and I groaned, holding my stomach. This felt different.

The pain intensified and tightened. That’s when I realized there were serious contractions now. All day I had felt little twinges here and there, but nothing this intense. I stayed hunched on the rocking chair until the pain passed.

When I stood up, I suddenly felt a gush between my legs.

“Oh no,” I said, looking down. My black maternity sweatpants were all wet. I started to panic when another wave of contraction squeezed my belly, not releasing me. I yelled out for help. “Grant! Wesley!”

Shit, the men couldn’t hear me. They were in the garage.

I stayed hunched over, and the tightening started to release.

I took off my pants and slowly made my way into the bedroom. As I was pulling on a new pair of sweatpants, another contraction seized me. This time, it made me double over in pain.

This was hard.

It was too painful.

I couldn’t do this.

“Grant!” I yelled louder through my pain.


“Nice job,” I said, looking around at our handiwork.

The paint job was finally done. Ripping off my gloves, I thought about Tiana and wondered if she was sleeping.

“Whole house is done,” said Sam, rubbing the sweat off his forehead.

“Hell yeah,” said Wesley. “Should I order pizza for later?”

“Go ahead,” I said, placing my body suit on the garage floor. I walked inside the house. I missed Tiana already.

I heard her voice call out. It sounded weak. She didn’t sound alright. I began running towards the master bedroom and flung the door wide open.

She was lying on the floor of the bed, her pants half-on as she writhed in pain.

“Tiana!” I shouted, running to her. “Is it the baby?”

She nodded weakly, her face stark with fear. Her eyes were wide with shock at what her body was doing. I knew omega birthing was difficult, and I was instantly scared.

“What’s going on?” said Tony rushing over.

“She’s in labor. Get the car started,” I said, gathering her in my arms.

“My pants,” she said weakly, struggling against me.

“It’s okay,” I said, holding her against my chest as I ran out the door to Wesley’s and Sam’s shock.

“What’s going on?” said Wesley.

“She’s in labor,” I said.

“Damn,” said Sam rushing to open the van door.

Everyone piled into the van, with me holding her on my lap in the backseat. She only had on pink underwear and an oversized white shirt. She moaned in pain, her eyes closed as she squeezed my arm.

“It’s okay, baby. We’re almost there. Drive faster Tony,” I said.

“I am goddamn it,” said Tony, pressing the gas pedal.

Tiana screamed. “I feel it down there. It’s huge.”

“Fuck,” I said, pushing her hair back from her forehead. She was sweating, and her thighs were shaking on Sam’s lap. Could she be giving birth to an alpha baby? Alpha babies were usually bigger than most.

And she was a tiny woman. So I grew even more scared- my heart beating a mile a minute.

When we reached the hospital, I rushed to the front with Tiana in my arms.

“Reason for visit?” asked the receptionist.

“She’s about to give birth,” I barked. Can’t these people see her pain? Everyone seemed to be moving so slowly.

They rolled her on a stretcher to her room. I rushed close behind.

When we entered the room, the nurses surrounded her. They immediately hooked her up to many wires and put her in birthing position on the bed.

I pulled my phone out and called Tiana’s mother.


“We’re in the hospital now. The baby. The baby might be coming tonight,” I said, trying not to trip over my words. My breathing was accelerated, and I was on high alert. I had to protect my pack at all costs. My omega.

I wasn’t going to leave her side.

Not for a moment.


“Push,” said the doctor, looking between my legs. The doctor was a dark-haired young woman with a serious expression. Her name badge said Keera.

The problem was I was in too much pain to listen to her.

“I need pain medicine!” I shouted.

“It’s too late for that,” said Dr. Keera.

My legs were in stirrups, and Grant kept wiping the sweat off my forehead with a tissue. Tony and Sam were holding my hands on either side. I wasn’t sure where Wesley was right now. The pressure between my legs grew as I pushed again.

Ripping me.

I howled in pain, gnashing my teeth.

“I can’t do this!” I screamed. “Do the c-section. I need pain meds.”

“The baby is almost out,” said Dr. Keera calmly. “Take a deep breath and push as hard as you can.”

I braced myself and pressed down as hard as I could. It was like a basketball weighing down on me. I screamed.

The pain was overwhelming. Nothing I ever felt before.

“My mom, call my mom,” I said.

“I did,” said Grant. “Keep pushing, Tiana. You’re doing so good.”

“I can see the baby’s head!” shouted Tony as he rubbed my bare thigh.

That gave me the impetus to push again. My baby was almost out. But exhaustion pressed over me.

“Your mom is here,” said Grant, and relief washed over me. If I died during childbirth, she was there at least.

“Push, push, push,” encouraged Dr. Keera.

Tears streamed down my face from the glaring pain.

I couldn’t do this.

I was close to collapsing.

“Tiana, sweetie, listen to me. Push,” I heard my mom’s voice in my ear.

“I can’t,” I said, my eyes still closed.

“Push as hard as you can. You’re almost there,” she said. “You can do this.”

I listened to her voice. I took a deep breath and pushed again.

Then there was a gurgle and a tiny shriek of a newborn baby.

“Good job! It’s a girl, and it looks like she’s an omega,” said Dr. Keera, handing the baby to one of the nurses. I took in a deep breath.

But something felt wrong.

The relief was short-lived before my abdomen tightened again, and I shouted in pain. The pain was happening all over again.

“Tiana is still in pain,” said Grant, keen eyes observing me.

Dr. Keera peered between my legs and gasped.

“There’s another baby in there,” she said. “Tiana, I want you to push immediately.”

Tears continued to fall down my face. I couldn’t do this again. I was out of strength.

But I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t give this my all. I gritted my teeth and screamed as I pushed.

The baby’s twin came out on the first push, and I collapsed against the bed in exhaustion, laying my head against the pillow at last.

My stomach muscles started to relax, and my pain lessened immensely.

“You did it,” said Grant proudly, kissing my cheek. I smiled through my exhaustion.

“This one is a baby boy! He’s a big one, could be an alpha,” said Dr. Keera.

The naked babies were placed on my chest. Their little bodies were warm and squirmy.

My heart swelled, and I looked up at my mated pack. Wesley had his hand to his mouth. Grant had tears in his eyes, and so did Tony. Sam gently rubbed the back of one of the babies, his smile large.

“We created this,” I whispered, kissing the babies as they whined and cried. The girl had dark hair, and the boy had light blond-colored hair. I cuddled them through my exhaustion, never wanting to let them go. After ten minutes of holding them, I handed them over. Grant and Wesley took them from my arms. I fondly watched my mom and the men fuss and coo over the babies.

They were precious.

And my family was complete.


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