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Stolen by The Pack: Epilogue


One Month Later

celebration for the twins.

I was excited as I pulled on a shimmering white dress over my body. I had carefully chosen this dress with my mom in anticipation for this big day.

“Wes, could you help me zip up my dress?” I called. Wesley was in the bathroom doing the finishing touches on his hair.

“How do I look?” asked Wesley, stepping into the room. He wore a navy blue suit which looked sharp. And his hair was gelled back.

“You look handsome as always,” I complimented. He beamed, coming up behind me, and I could feel the warmth of his body press up against me. His cock pressed into my back. In slow motion, he zipped up my dress while kissing my neck.

Then he tapped my butt when he was done.

“You look too hot in this dress,” said Wesley. “I don’t know about you going out like this.”


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