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The Alpha King’s Heart: The King’s Mate: Chapter 100

Don't Ruin Us

I clenched my chest and breathed, as I tried to unsee what I just saw but I couldn’t. I heard cussing from the other side.

‘Don’t ever come in here again!’ Luca shouted.

‘I’m sorry!’ I said breathless.


‘Luca, I’m sorry,’ I said, trying to muffle a burst of laughter. My little brother of masturbating? What? Isn’t he too young to do that?

‘Adira!’ Wyatt and Azriel’s concerned voices boomed. I pushed myself off the door as I faced them.

‘Sorry, I- I just saw what I wasn’t supposed to,’ I said, and they gave me a knowing look before the brothers shared a sly glance. I pulled a disgusting face and went past them.

Reaching the bedroom, I removed my training clothes and went for a steamy shower, however, I was later joined by Wyatt, his arms around my waist and lips kissing my neck softly.

‘Wyatt, stop,’ I said.

‘Are you looking for reasons to fight with me?’ he asked and I turned around to face him.

‘No,’ I refute. He was serious. He got out of the shower and I followed him.

‘Wyatt, what do you mean by that?’ I asked.

‘You’re looking for reasons to stay mad at me so you can justify your thoughts of Azriel,’ he said.

‘Bullshit,’ I said. He didn’t say a word, just looked at me and I fidgeted. He stepped forward and held my hands gently,

‘Don’t ruin us, Adira, Please,’ he placed his head against mine and closed his eyes, he was inhaling my scent. I pulled away from him gently and inhaled.

‘I’m going out with Monique today,’ I said and went to the closet. I pulled out white pants and a tank top, throwing a blazer over it. I pulled my hair in a tight bun and went out to the bedroom, Wyatt was in the shower but it was quiet, I could feel his heavy breath.

I reached the resort and walked to the lobby where Monique was. I stopped in my tracks when I recognized the good-looking man by her arm. Eva’s fiance, she showed me a picture of him. He was distant and cold towards Eva because he loved Monique, he was smiling and talking to her so fondly and with love in his warm eyes. I didn’t know what to do. The duo approached me and Monique hugged me tightly,

‘Oh, I missed you,’ she said and I held her.

‘I miss you too,’

‘We have so much to catch up on but before that, I want to introduce you to someone special,’ she beamed, her eyes flickering with emotions.

‘Adira, this is my boyfriend Desmond Count, and babe, this is my best friend, Adira Wade,’ she said, he slightly slanted back before reluctantly greeting me. He knew my station and must have suspected I might know Eva.

‘I’ll let you come clean,’ I said through the mind link and Desmond was startled.

‘Thank you for that,’ he spoke softly, bowing his head.

‘It’s nice to meet you,’ I said with a polite smile.

‘You too, I’ve heard a lot about you from Monique,’ he said. After exchanging pleasantries, Monique and I went to the spa to relax. I told her what I’d been dealing with lately and she listened attentively before speaking.

‘I think you’re developing feeling for Azriel,’ she moaned during her massage.

‘No… I couldn’t. I love Wyatt with everything in me and It’s impossible,’ I declared.

‘Explain why you think of Azriel more than you should and why you always want to make sure he’s safe and happy all the time,’ she said and exhaled.

‘I don’t know … Maybe it’s because he’s my friend and I look out for my friends,’

‘You don’t know yet what you feel for him but there are some feelings there, Adira,’ she said calmly, now lifting her head to face me, ‘ You’re treading on thin ice here and as a friend, I’d advise you stay away from Azriel… Clearly, there is some connection between you, not as strong as the mate bond but it’s pure and intense. Even if you don’t act on it, it will wound the king. A wounded beast is far more dangerous than anything else,’

‘You’re so clueless,’ Kate’s words resounded in my head.

I cared deeply for him but for so long, I thought it was just friendship because we’ve been through a lot together but looking back, I think it was more. at least on his side.

‘Whatever confusion there is, it will go away once mate marks us,’ Kira said softly. I touched the spot of my mark and felt a cold shudder go down my spine.

We had a few drinks at the bar before we separated. I reached home around 8 pm and found Wyatt, Azriel, and Lucas in the new game room, they were teasing him about something, probably what happened in the morning and it made me happy to see Azriel and Wyatt laughing together, even if it was at the expense of my little brother. I backed away from the room before they could see me, not wanting to ruin their cheerful mood. I took a shower and sat in bed, reading a book but I must have fallen asleep because when my eyes fluttered open, it was after midnight and Wyatt wasn’t in bed. I wore my robe and followed his scent to his office,

‘Wyatt,’ I called, approaching his desk, he was fast asleep. He sat up and looked at me.

‘I thought you were sleeping,’ he said, standing up.

‘Why aren’t you in bed?’

‘I was working on something, I must have fallen asleep,’ he answered. I extended my hand towards him, he took it and I led him to the bedroom.

‘I’m sorry for how I was acting earlier, Wyatt,’ I said softly.

‘Thank you and I’m sorry too,’ he said, I stood on my tiptoes and kissed his lips gently. He yawned and I chuckled.

‘Let’s sleep,’ he only hummed his response and got in bed, pulling me in his arms. I kissed his lips again, this time he deepened it. The kiss was slow and burning. His hands gently caressed my breasts and I arched my hips against his body, my pussy was pulsing with the need for him and all I wanted was for him to touch me. I wanted him to take me so badly. He looked awake and smirked. I bit his lower lips and I hovered over him.

‘Want to ride me?’ he husked, putting his large hands on my waist.



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