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The Devil Tainted Us: Chapter 20


For the next several minutes, Beth and I keep following them, into the depths of the forest. It’s starting to get slightly difficult to see but the moonlight peeking through the tree leaves helps a bit.

But when I notice Geryon suddenly stopping, I instantly take Beth’s hand and pull her behind a tree.


We both start to breathe heavily from sudden fear of being caught. But there are no footsteps scrunching on the fallen leaves to signal us about Geryon approaching us. There is only pin drop silence.

Ever so slowly, I try to sneak a peek and see them standing still on their spot, absolutely unmoving.

“What is happening?” Beth whispers.

I shrug. “I don’t know. They aren’t doing anything.”

Few more seconds pass by with them doing nothing. Geryon finally turns and says something to the women. They all drop their suitcase in unison and start to stand a few inches away from each other, forming a circle. Geryon walks forward as if searching for something, while Beth and I take this chance to get closer and hide behind another tree.

He soon returns with a thick branch in his hand and traces a circle around the women. He goes to one of the suitcases and retrieves a few candles and a lighter, placing them around the circle.

After finishing the task, he stands in the center and looks at them with a prideful and vicious smile…almost looking like a monster…a demon.

“Do you all want to be free from your sins?” he asks in a rough voice.

“Yes, father,” six of them answer together, in a cold, emotionless tone.

“Are you willing to sacrifice anything?”

“Anything, father.”

He nods in approval and kneels, placing his palms on his knees and leaning his head up in the dark, gloomy sky, with the women following his posture.

We have no idea what is happening and why, but deep down I can feel something ominous about to happen…something that will change everything. But I need to know…I have to.

“What on earth is he doing?” Beth whispers, sounding nervous and hesitant.

But I have no response to her question. I’m as confused as she is.

“Pray to be forgiven, my children. Pray to repent for your sins,” he orders.

The women raise their hands for prayers and close their eyes with their hair curtaining around their faces. They all seem not bothered at all with what is happening. Nobody questions anything or does something to escape. As if Geryon has put strings on them and it’s pulled and controlled by his words like a puppet.

He goes to a nearby tree, removing some branches and leaves like he hid something there. But he extracts out, makes my throat clog with fright. It’s a giant bull skull that has little dirt on it and long curve-like horns. He returns back and puts it on like a mask as if he is showing his true devil side. Geryon goes to the same suitcase, but this time he pulls out a sharp, long dagger before standing in front of one of the women with blond hair. He touches her head gently while she leans forward for his touch more. Her breathing turns shallow when his hand skates down to his cheek before it glides down to her slender neck that was arched up.

“Oh my God…” I rasp. What I see next makes my eyes widen in horror as I feel terror coursing through my entire body.

Geryon places the dagger against her throat and dives it deeper into her skin until her throat is cut and blood spurts out of it, making her choke.

I hear a light gasp from Beth and instantly put my hand against her mouth to keep her quiet as we witness the horror in front of us. But not for once the woman screams in agony like she doesn’t feel the pain at all. Before I know it, he digs the dagger deeper and cuts her head from her body as it limps back on the ground.

She is dead…he killed her by chopping her head off.

I feel my throat clogging as it becomes hard for me to breath or even move. I can’t believe my eyes for what I’m witnessing.

“You will be forgiven, my child,” he murmurs and throws her head at the center where he was previously. None of the other women open their eyes or react against it.

He moves to the next woman and does the same, while I watch in horror. And I just know that this image will forever be tainted in my memory.

It will haunt me for several nights until my last breath.

I only thought this place was wretched with monsters like Geryon who tortured and tormented victims like us. But now this place has a completely different story.

A deeper, darker and harsher truth that nobody is aware of except for the monster himself. Eryx told me how this place might have been cursed because of the burden of sins, and now I have got the proof of it too.

Geryon chops the heads of all six of the women, piling their heads at the center as their limp bodies circling around it. I feel like throwing up at this atrocious sight, but I give it all to calm down even though it’s impossible in this scenario.

After killing them all, he goes back to the suitcase and takes out a small shovel. Stalking near the bloody heads he kneels and starts to dig out something.

It’s a skull, covered in mud and few earthworms crawling over it. Geryon dusts it off and places it beside him, before he leans to the blond woman’s head and gouges out her eyeballs with his dagger. I can’t help but look away, shutting my eyes, only to return my gaze onto the sight a few seconds later.

He places the eyeballs on to the skull’s eye socket, and positions it on top of the pile of heads. He stands up and uses the tip of the dagger to line out a star-like shape inside the circle. After finishing he spreads his arms and kneels outside the circle, looking at the sky that is rumbling louder and louder, signalling an upcoming storm.

“I serve you, master,” he yells, looking like he is surrendering to someone from the depths of his dark soul. The madness reddening his eyes with an addiction of serving to his so-called master.

“I only ever serve you and always will till the time comes I give you my last breath. Accept my sacrifice and repent me from my sins. Repent them from their illness, and let their souls be part of your beautiful world. Accept it, master,” he takes the dagger and cuts his palm, squeezing out the blood on top of the skull, “accept it.”


The thunder crackles. And soon raindrops start to fall from the sky. My clothes and hair become wet and it turns a bit tough to see Geryon clearly with the candles extinguishing in thin air. He pulls out the bull skull and places it right behind the human skull before continuing his words.

“Free them, master. More will be served in time that I promise.. Let them be witnesses of my acts and let me be part of heaven. Wash away my sins, master.” His voice is hoarse and raw like he means each and every word.

But I know if we stay longer the more chances Geryon will have of finding us.

I look at Beth, whose face is pale as snow from what she witnessed with her glistening eyes wide open. I’m aware of the shock she is going through as I feel the same. But I lightly shake her, bringing her attention to me.

“We have to go back. Right now,” I whisper.

She gives a shaky nod, feeling loss of words. Keeping my gaze over my shoulder, we slowly turn, giving it all to walk away slowly.

With every step I take, I feel my heart beating rapidly against my ribcage as if it will come out of my body. I have never been frightened and terrified of something so much.

And I’m already praying that this sight vanishes from my memory someway possible, even though it’s futile…because God doesn’t exist in the Magdalene.

This is the kingdom of the devil, where God’s shadow is used as a bait for victims like those women. And I’m one of them.

A bait to be served to the devil.

Thankfully we are several feet away from Geryon who remains in his position inside the circle. I take a chance and face ahead when suddenly I let out a yelp when I feel a pointy branch prickling my feet.

I instantly cover my mouth but it’s too late.

“Who is there?” Geryon yells.

Without waiting or thinking, Beth and I start to run as fast as possible. I give every bit of strength and will I have to escape from Geryon.

Our breathing turns ragged as we dash through the dark forest, but I soon hear thudding footsteps following us which only paces up my pulse more than ever.

Oh God. Please, no.

When I see the side view of the castle, I feel a rush of relief running through my nerves. We quickly get inside and rush upstairs but I halt at the corridor, grabbing Beth’s arm.

“You go to your room and don’t come out. Dry yourself as much as you can and pretend to be asleep,” I mutter quickly, feeling a surge of panic crawling to my soul.

She frowns with the water droplets skating down from her lashes and chin to the floor. “But what about you?”

I turn her around and push her shoulder slightly, urging her to move quickly. “Don’t worry about that and go quickly.”

She rushes to her room without a backward glance and I take this chance to run downstairs where I know who can save me from this.


By the time I reach the last step, I can see Geryon’s shadow enlarging on the main entrance. I quickly hide behind the stairway, waiting for Geryon to head to my room. His thudding footsteps echo to the second floor and I don’t waste time going to Eryx’s room.

I expect to be unlocked but when I turn the handle and the door doesn’t open, I feel my throat clogging with fear. My heart starts to beat rapidly as if it will jump out of the body anytime. I slap my palms against the door again and again while keeping my eyes on the stairway.

Please, please. No…this can’t be happening.

“Eryx. It’s me, please open the door. Please!” I mutter with panic painting my voice.

But the silence feels like daggers of betrayal stabbing into my soul. “Please, Eryx. I know you are in there.”

The second I hear Geryon’s heavy steps descending down, the little hope I have left is starting to vanish in thin air.

I’m well aware the moment he knows it was me and that I have discovered the actual reflection he carries behind the Magdalene, he isn’t going to hesitate to hurt me…or most probably kill me.

I see his shadow on the pillar and nearly accept my fate, when the door suddenly opens and I’m pulled inside. I gasp from the sudden movement and hear the soft thud of the door closing. I look over my shoulder, facing Eryx’s back who has his head casted down with his right hand tightly gripping the knob.

“Go to the bathroom and turn on the shower. Lock the door and don’t come out until I tell you,” he mutters in a cold and distant tone.

But emotions overwhelm me, freezing me on the spot.

“Right now!” he orders. His rough, deep voice brings me back to sanity and I rush inside the bathroom, doing as he instructed.

I lock the door and let out a deep sigh, giving it all to calm down my nerves. I swallow the lump in my throat and rest my forehead against the wood with my palms against it.

It’s going to be okay…everything is alright…

My ears start to ring despite the muffled voices coming from the other side. Dread keeps climbing its way to the depths of my soul with every second passing by as the horrific scenario I witnessed tonight keeps flashing in front of me.

The sharp sound of the dagger slicing the women’s heads. The gushing sound of their blood spurting out. And the thud sound of their lifeless bodies falling behind.

It’s a vivid picture that I will always remember.

The maze of secrets behind this place starts to make sense but some major parts are missing. But in conclusion, I have to leave this place quickly before I become one of those victims.

And I defy to accept my fate that way.

I don’t know for how long I stay inside but when I hear Eryx’s calm voice I finally bring myself back to reality.

“You can come out. He is gone.”

But he won’t be gone from my memories.

I slowly open the door, looking for any sign of Geryon’s presence but I’m glad when he is nowhere in sight. However, when my eyes land on Eryx, who is facing the window with the heavy rain droplets clashing with the window, suspicion and distrust starts to bloom within me.

Eryx knows what Geryon does and yet he is unfazed by it, which can only mean he is part of his sins.

“You knew, didn’t you?” I ask, stalking towards him as I feel my wet skin forming with goose bumps.

He remains quiet, keeping his gaze fixated on the pitch-black forest.

“You have to answer me after what I saw. I deserve to know the truth, Eryx.” Even to me my voice sounded broken but it held the determination to know the darkest secrets.

“I warned you,” he barely whispers, meeting my gaze over his shoulder.

“That is not enough. You know he kills the women of this asylum and yet you let it happen,” I let out a sad chuckle, “-you tell me to trust you but after what I saw…it’s impossible for me to even try it when I know if I’m chosen next you will stay behind and won’t do shit about it.”

He fully turns, walking towards me, but I take a step back and raise my hand as a gesture to halt his steps.

He stops wearing an emotionless expression that only riddles my mind with more questions.

“I want to know everything. This place…about Geryon and the things he did…and you. I deserve to know before you let me be one of his sacrifices.”

He shakes his head. “I won’t let him hurt you.”

“I don’t believe those words anymore.”

Silence draws an invisible wall between us, filled with doubt and secrets.

“Tell me,” I mutter. “I need to know.”


I don’t know where to even start. I was well aware she would do something tonight but I didn’t expect such a reckless act. Even when I found Agnes unconscious in the kitchen, I knew Agatha must have been behind it.

If Geryon discovered her presence he wouldn’t have given a second thought before killing her. Even when he came to my door asking about her, his eyes were darkened with a wild craving for sin…for blood.

The second I heard the first knock at my door, I knew it was Agatha. But for several seconds I remained rooted to my spot, telling myself not to help her because of Geryon. I couldn’t take the risk. Especially, after he reminded me of what he holds against me…I had to back away.

But the desperation…the fret…the fear of seeing her hurt, crumbled my walls and I didn’t waste another moment to save her.

But now, after witnessing one of the darkest sins the Magdalene carried, she sees me under a different light, thinking I’m part of this darkness.

She isn’t wrong.

And after all the things she has been through, she at least deserves to know the truth that no other woman here got to know.

I simply nod, inhaling a shaky breath, as I open my mouth to reveal the truth, while my mind goes back to the moment I stepped into this dark world.


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