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Thunder Thighs: Chapter 13


‘Oh look, it’s Dane and Drake.’

I glanced up from the cereal box I’d been perusing to see Ella pointing down the end of the aisle.

The men in question were tall and muscular. One broad, the other lean. Both had a look about them that said ex-military.

‘Who are they?’

Ella rolled her eyes. ‘You remember, Blue’s boys.’

I wracked my brain trying to remember why that name sounded familiar. ‘The nurse who looked after me when I hit my head? The brunette?’

Ella nodded. ‘Yeah. She’s sweet on them.’

I eyed the men. ‘Both of them?’

‘Uh-huh.’ Ella plucked the cereal from my hands, tossing it in our cart. ‘They’re together but I think they want Blue to be with them too.’

I pushed the cart, following Ella down the aisle. ‘And your town would be cool with that?’

She gave me a look. ‘I’m sorry, you’re not?’

‘Not what I meant.’ I raised one shoulder in a half-shrug. ‘Love is love, babe. I just meant this is a small town. Don’t expect that people will be exactly welcoming of a polyamorous relationship.’

Ella chuckled. ‘Then you haven’t lived here long enough. For a while back in the sixties, there was a commune out in the mountains by Lover’s Lake. Honestly, this town is all about love.’

I reached over pulling her into me, pressing a kiss to her temple. ‘Mm, well it’s certainly been that way for me.’

She laughed, shoving me away, her engagement ring catching the light from the fluorescent bulbs above us.

A possessive kind of love warmed my blood.

‘When we get home, we should—’

Ella cut me off, a hand flying to my mouth as she forced me back a step.

‘What are you doing?’ I asked against her palm.

‘Shh! Blue’s hugging Dane!’

I peered around the end of the aisle, catching sight of Blue hugging one of the two men.

‘And?’ I asked, completely baffled by my fiancé’s behavior.

Ella tilted her head back, a small grin lighting her eyes. ‘And this could be the start of something wonderful. I don’t want to interrupt her chance to be as happy as you and I are.’

Well damn.

I leaned down, my arm hooking around her to pull her body against mine, our lips meeting in a hungry kiss.

I’m not sure how long we stood like that, our lips locked, our hands roaming each other’s body.

‘Ahem.’ A cough came from behind us.

We both twisted, an older gentleman with a cane and basket grinning at us.

‘Sorry, kids.’ He nodded at the shelf behind us. ‘Normally I’d leave you alone but I’m in desperate need of pasta sauce.’

Ella blushed as we moved out of his way.

‘You two have a good day.’ He winked, moving off towards the registers.

Ella’s head landed on my chest, her hair falling over her flushed cheeks. ‘That wasn’t at all embarrassing.’

‘Lover’s Lake commune, remember?’

She groaned. ‘Shudda up. Let’s get this done then you can take me home and ravish me.’

With pleasure.


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