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Thunder Thighs: Epilogue 1


Dinner with a family of Vikings was… interesting. Due to Christmas being one of my busy seasons at the bar, Gunnar’s family had volunteered to come to Capricorn Cove to celebrate.

I’d expected them to be a little rowdy—after all, I’d met each of them individually over the last few months and they’d each been joyous, friendly and loud, oh so loud.

And I loved it. I did. I loved that Gunnar’s family were brash and bold, and embraced me wholeheartedly. They fully supported our relationship, and I adored them for it.

I just hadn’t quite been prepared to experience them as a group. The Larsson’s towered over me, bellowed over one another, and laughed uproariously with joy while toasting each other with legs of turkey, forks full of ham, and large mugs filled with my best beer.

As much as I joked about Gunnar being a Viking, tonight felt like a long house celebration, the family having returned from a successful raid.

Gunnar had settled me on the chair next to him, our thighs pressed tightly together, one arm slung over my shoulders as he laughed at something his sister said.

I smiled, basking in the joy that filled the room. Gunnar glanced at me, his grin still in place.

“All good, baby?”

“Mm.” I raised my cup tipping it slightly towards him. “Should I bring the desserts out?”

He glanced at the table, chuckling at the ravaged remains. “Yeah, and I should probably tap another keg.”

We’d shifted the festivities from our house, which was currently undergoing renovations, to the restaurant. Not only could it fit everyone, but it was only a short walk away from the motel where they were staying.

I pushed up, Gunnar following me. There was a flurry of movement as the family began to pile plates, collect cutlery, and head towards the kitchen.

“Oh, please don’t!” I cried, gesturing at them to stop. “Sit! Please, we’ve got this.”

“Many hands make light work, sis,” called Gunnar’s sister, Astrid, her arms full of a decimated platter of turkey bones.

I allowed them their moment then shooed them out of the kitchen, telling them to put on music, and help themselves to more beer. They didn’t protest, leaving Gunnar and I alone in the kitchen.

“What can I help with?” he asked, rolling up his sleeves.

I tried and failed to ignore how that simple action changed him from simply sexy to every woman’s wet dream.


I jerked back, blinking. He watched me for a moment, a small, devilish grin creeping across his lips. His eyes darkened, heat burning in their depths. “You need something, Valkyrie?”

I opened my mouth then snapped it shut as a blush warmed my cheeks. “Your family is outside.”

He took my hand, pulling me down the length of the kitchen and into the storage room at the back. Sliding the door closed, he shifted, backing me up until I pressed against a shelf containing bags of flour.

“You see something you like, baby?” His voice was low and gruff with desire.

I licked my lips, swallowing, acutely aware of the throbbing of my pulse and the heat of desire pooling in my lower abdomen.

“No,” I lied. “Not when your family is just outside.”

He tsked, that filthy grin still in place. “Liar, liar, your pussy’s on fire. It wants me to touch it and make you feel good.” His big hand slid down my side, wrapping around to squeeze my ass. “Admit it, baby. You want this.”

I opened my mouth, to protest or to agree I wasn’t yet sure, but instead, a needy little moan broke free, catching us both unaware.

Gunnar paused, his nostrils flaring before his control broke. He went for my mouth, devouring me with greedy neediness. I fell into him, letting him plunder my mouth.

His hands dipped, gripping my ass and boosting me up. I obliged, wrapping my legs around him. He pressed me back into the shelving, careful to ensure I didn’t hurt myself. When he had me anchored, he shifted one hand, pushing my skirt up and running fingers between my thighs, finding my wet, aching core.

“Fuck.” He broke off our kiss, his fingers gliding deliciously through the wet of my naked pussy. “Where the fuck are your underwear?”

I panted, each breath causing my nipples to graze against his chest. “This dress doesn’t allow for underwear.”

“You’ve been like this all night?”

“Yeah.” I let out a little moan, my head falling back, eyes drifting shut as he played with my clit. “I thought you knew.”

“Fuck.” He circled my clit faster, working me in a way guaranteed to drive me crazy. “You’re gonna get spanked for this later.”

Can’t wait.


His fingers disappeared and I whimpered, pressing myself forward. Between us, his hand fumbled at his crotch.

“It’s okay, baby. Just gotta get this fly undone… there.” His cock pressed to me, deliciously hard, hot and thick. “You ready, baby?”

I forced my eyes open, letting him see all my desire, all my need. “Always, Viking.”

He thrust forward, burying himself to his hilt. We cried out, the friction and heat overwhelming. He pulled back, then thrust again, and my control broke. I no longer thought of his family waiting for dessert. I no longer worried about being interrupted or keeping quiet. I thought only of Gunnar, his smell, his feel, and his cock as it drove me higher, chasing my release.

“You like this, baby? You like knowing I couldn’t wait to feel your pussy?” Gunnar muttered, thrusting harder. “You like knowing I’ll be thinking about my cum dripping down your legs for the rest of the night? You like knowing I’m gonna fuck you on the table after everyone leaves?”

I nodded, heat wrapping around me, desire spiking. I dragged fingernails up his back, knowing that would drive him wild.

“You gonna come for me, Ella?”

“Yes,” I groaned, feeling the pressure mount. “Yes, Gu—”

A strangled scream ripped from my throat. He fisted my hair, pulling me to him, merging our mouths together. Our tongues tangled as I milked his cock, feeling his hot release paint my insides.

Panting, we kissed. Our bodies were still hot with desire but the urgent need had been spent. My hands gently roved over his back, unable to keep myself from touching him.

“You okay?” He asked, pressing a kiss to my shoulder.

“Mm,” I hummed. “I can’t feel my legs.”

He chuckled, stepping back and shifting to allow me to slide slowly down his body. I straightened my skirts, then reached up, fluffing my hair.

“How do I look?”

His smile was pure satisfaction. “Like you’ve just been fucked in the storeroom.”

I sighed, flushing. “No helping it I guess.”

He ran his thumb over the curve of my neck. “I love seeing my mark on you.”

I groaned, covering my face with a hand as I pushed passed him. “Love bites aren’t sexy, Gunnar. How many times do I have to tell you that?”

He chuckled, slapping me playfully on the butt as he followed me out.

We returned to the kitchen, snatching desserts from the cold room. Gunnar pressed a kiss to my lips, giving me a wink.

‘Ready for round two?’

‘I think I can handle it.’

He pushed through the swinging door, both of us pulling up short—frozen in place by the chaotic scene before us.

Jemma gesticulated wildly at Gunnar’s father as Sune yelled at Erik. Erik stood in front of a pair of police officers, staring down at a piece of paper, ignoring his parents. He looked like he’d been struck by lightning, his hair standing on end.

Off to the side, Astrid and Liv, and their youngest brother, Rune, were passing two screaming babies back and forth, each looking woefully out of their depth.

“What the fuck is going on here!?” Gunnar bellowed, cutting through the commotion. Even the two babies, who had definitely not been there before, quietened down.

“Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Gunnar.” Sheriff Tristan Rodriguez held up his hands in a helpless gesture. “We had these two kids dropped at the station today. No one saw the mother, she took off. Left one note though.” He nodded at Erik who was still staring at the slip of paper. “The mother signed over responsibility to your brother.”

I blinked, my gaze shooting to Erik, then to Gunnar.

“Excuse me?” Gunnar asked, setting down the giant pie and bowl of cream he’d been carrying. He walked across the room, the babies resuming their crying.

I handed my pie and ice cream off to Jemma, plucking one of the babies from Rune. The tiny human snuggled into my shoulder, crying pitifully as I rubbed soft circles across its little back.

Erik cleared his throat, handing over the letter to Gunnar. “It… it seems that someone has bequeathed their children to me.”

I bounced, gratified when the baby began to quiet.

“Who?” Sune demanded. “Who did this?”

“It doesn’t say,” Gunnar answered for his brother, reading the note. “Just says she saw Erik on the news following last year’s cruise ship rescue. When she saw Erik was in town, she decided it was a sign and left them for him. Says she won’t be back for her boys.”

“Dear lord,” I breathed, holding the little baby closer.

“I’m sorry to do this to you, Erik. Particularly on Christmas,” the Sheriff said, looking mighty uncomfortable. “I can take them home with me, or we can call Child Services. Will need to do that anyway. But I figured…what with you being named… are you the father?”

All eyes turned to Erik. His mouth flopped open, gasping like a fish.

“Oh, Erik….” Jemma sounded heartbroken. “Are you?”

“I….” He paused, frowning. “Actually, I can’t be. I haven’t been in a relationship since… she-who-must-not-be-named. And that was nearly two years ago.”

We processed this admission, the gravity of the situation become clear. The baby in my arms couldn’t have been older than a month, far too young to be left alone in the world.

“So, what do we do now?” Astrid asked, the other baby cradled in her arms.

Erik blinked, looking from one baby to another. “I guess we try to find their mother.”

“And if that falls through?”

We watched Erik consider his options. With a long sigh, he rubbed a hand over his face.

“I’ll seek an adoption.”

Pandemonium broke out once again, Sheriff Tristan trying to bring about calm as Jemma and Sune lost their minds. Astrid handed the baby to Gunnar as she tried to referee what appeared to be the start of a long argument.

Reading the room, Rune and Liv went to the bar for another drink, while Gunnar, baby cradled against his big chest, came to me.

“This is not how I expected tonight to go,” he told me, hand resting on the little baby’s back.

My ovaries exploded, even as I tried to remain serious. “I doubt anyone could have predicted this.”

He shook his head. “How he’s gonna cope with two babies by himself is beyond me.”

“We’ll help him.”

Gunnar looked down at me, his gaze warming. “Thanks, Valkyrie.” He watched me shift the baby, settling the small bundle into a slightly more comfortable position. “That looks good on you.”

‘What?” I asked, bouncing slightly as the baby fussed.

“A baby. Motherhood.”

I looked up at him, feeling that familiar glow light inside me. “Soon, I hope. After the wedding.”

He winked. “We’ll see.” He looked back over at the commotion, his face tightening.

“Hey,” I called, wanting to lessen his burden. “I love you.”

He bent down, pressing a sweet kiss to my lips. “Love you too, baby.”

I tilted my head, offering him a cheeky grin. “Besides, I know you’re just jealous Erik’s now beat you to the mark.”

Gunnar frowned, raising an eyebrow in question.

“First grandkids.” I tapped a finger lightly against the baby’s back. “You can’t always be first at everything, Gunnar.”

He chuckled. “I’m pretty sure I always make you come first, wife-to-be.”

Yeah, you do.


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