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Too Sweet: Chapter 28


A SLAP LANDS ON MY ASS while I’m on my way out of the college building. Laughter erupts behind me, and without thinking, I spin on my heel to find a guy I don’t know, wagging his eyebrows.

My mind flares, my pulse soars, and a feeling I’ve only felt a few times whips across my nerve endings: courage.

Before I can think through my next move, my hand sails through the air, landing on the guy’s face. I don’t have enough strength to make his head turn, but the slap must sting because he holds his cheek, eyes growing wide.

“Don’t ever touch me again,” I say, pushing down the panic threatening to diminish my courage when I recognize the two guys cackling nearby.

Jessie and Michael. Jake Grey’s best friends. They used to make my life a living hell in high school, and just seeing them laughing brings back memories I tried hard to bury.

The guy who slapped me lunges forward, pushing me against the wall hard enough that my head bounces off the concrete, and he’s right there, towering above me, madness and embarrassment flickering in his eyes.

“You stupid bitch, you think—” The breath is knocked out of his chest by my knee connecting with his groin.

I shove him away, my heart ramming against my ribs. Adrenaline jolts me into action, and I run. A few students turn to watch as I bolt down the corridor, but no one stops me to check if I’m okay, even though they saw what happened.

Other than ostentatious, inappropriate comments, no one touched me against my will until today. A few guys asked me out, and some left suggestive notes for me to find, but overall, Brandon’s plan was failing.

He must’ve thought everyone is as childish as him…

Looks like some are. Childish and deranged. This guy wasn’t even trying to hide. He cornered me while other people watched like he didn’t give a damn about the consequences.

“Where to?” Dad asks when I slide into the passenger seat two minutes later, my hands still shaking. He’s been picking me up from college and taking me out for food every afternoon since he landed four days ago. “Can we go back to The Olive Tree?”

“Sure, I don’t mind.”

“Good, call Nico, maybe he’ll—” He cuts himself off when my ringtone pours out of the speakers, the phone connected to the hands-free system.

“Talk of the devil.” I smile, showing Dad the screen. “Hey, I was about to call you.”

“And I’m about ready to put you over my knee,” he clips, making my cheeks heat. “Baby, I’m glad you’re spending time with your dad, but you need to find two hours for me tonight.”


“Two hours.” His tone brooks no argument. “Make it happen. I’ve not felt you in four days, and I miss you like it’s been an entire goddamn century. Unless you want me to cuff you to the bed while your dad sits in the next room, I suggest you do as you’re told.”

I sink into my seat, melting into the leather when Dad clears his throat. “Hey, Nico. That shouldn’t be a problem. I’m meeting a friend for a few drinks later, so you two will have the evening to yourself.”

“Oh God.” I’m sure I’m the color of a ripe tomato. “Why? Why are you so casual about this?!”

My dad chuckles, shaking his head like he’s dealing with a clueless child. “It’s just sex, Mia. Why are you blushing? Don’t act like it’s such a novelty.”

“It is!” I cry, horrified that he thought I slept with one of the dates I told him about. “It’s very much a novelty.”

“You mean to tell me Nico’s your first?”

“Right, I’ll leave you to it,” Nico cuts in, sounding amused. “I’ll see you tonight, Mia.”

“Don’t you dare hang up!”

“What did I tell you? Sex is natural. It’s normal.”

“Agreed,” Dad says, nodding vigorously. “I’m still very much shocked you only now had your first time, but I can’t say I’m not glad. Some of those dates you told me about—”

“Jimmy,” Nico warns, jealousy clear in his voice. “Leave the past where it belongs.”

My father cocks an eyebrow, shooting me an amused look. “My bad. I hope you’ve got nothing planned for tomorrow morning because I’ve got a bottle of the best bourbon money can buy, and once I’m home, we’re drinking.”

“Sure. I’m off tomorrow.”

“Good. I’ll see you around eight?”

“I’ll see you then,” Nico confirms. “Mia? Be good, baby.”



Nico bursts inside my house at quarter to six in the afternoon, drops his keys on the counter, and sweeps me off my feet stopping me halfway through making sandwiches.

His lips catch mine, the kiss greedier than usual. He’s radiating that restless energy like he’s about ready to explode. Every muscle on his body is harder than stone, a kind of unruly anger shining in his eyes.

“Um… hey.” I weave my fingers through his hair. “Is everything okay?”

“It’s been a long day and an even longer week,” he says, entering my bedroom.

The door slams shut behind us, and he pins me to the wall, one hand under my butt, the other steering my jaw, his heart thudding against his ribs and resonating through me.

“What’s wrong?” I whisper between his urgent kisses. “You’re angry. What happened?” I don’t get an answer. He shuts me up with another kiss. He’s riled up, and I think he needs me to calm him down. “Tell me what to do,” I whisper against him. “Tell me what you need me to do.”

He bites my lip, pulling back before he sets me on my feet and dips his head to look in my eyes. “I have nothing but respect for you, you know that, don’t you?”


“Good girl. I need you to take the edge off, or I’m going to fucking lose it when I get inside you.” He yanks at the zipper of my dress until it falls to the floor. “I’ll teach you how to take care of me. You’re beautiful, Mia. Mine. So fucking sweet,” he chants quietly like he’s in a delusional trance as his fingers skim my neck and collarbones. “You won’t be able to say red. Tap out if it gets too much.” He unbuckles his belt, pulling it through the hoops. A gesture that hints at what’s about to happen. “On your knees for me.”

I sink. Not a moment’s hesitation. My cheeks heat, but it’s not embarrassment for once. It’s excitement. I’ve wanted to do this since I first touched him.

Nico frees his cock from his boxer shorts and wraps my hand around the hilt, squeezing harder than I’d dare if I were in charge.

“Open,” he rasps, his eyes flaring as he watches my lips part. “Good girl. Make me come, baby.”

I keep my fingers where he placed them, squeezing him just as hard, and guide him into my mouth. His eyes immediately roll back, pure, unrestrained pleasure twisting his handsome face.

Twirling my tongue around the head, I taste the first salty drop of precum. A low grunt building in his chest tells me I’m doing something right, so I keep going, stroking his length, and licking the tip as my lips pump back and forth.

He grips my hair into a tight fist, his cock swelling even more. The veins on his neck bulge before he looks down, grips my jaw, and pins my head to the wall.

“Keep your mouth open for me and breathe—” he grunts when I suck him in deeper. He pushes his hips forward, eyes on mine when he hits the wall of my throat, pulling back just before my gag reflex sets in. “Good, relax. You’re doing so fucking good, baby. Breathe through your nose.”

This might be the most primal, shamefully arousing thing he’s ever done to me. The feral, lustful energy radiating off his movement quadruples my desire as he falls into a rhythm, sliding in and out faster, chasing his release.

I hold onto his hard thighs, my nails gouging into his flesh, leaving half-moon marks. My eyes water with every deep stroke. He grips my hair tighter, pumping in and out faster before he yanks his hips back.

“Out,” he growls when I move with him. “I’ll come in your mouth if you don’t let go.”

A pleasant thrill zaps my thighs. I might as well check if that’s something I’ll enjoy, so I suck harder, holding his hips to keep him in place. With a low groan, he pins my head to the wall, resuming his pace, using me to get off. And then he stills.

Warm trickles of seed fill my mouth.

His knees buckle.

Tendons on his neck pulse as he comes, bracing against the wall for support.

“Swallow, Mia.”

I do. It’s not easy, but I think he enjoys my throat constricting around his shaft, wringing the last drops. He pulls out slowly, adjusting his jeans before he crouches before me, his chest rising and falling faster.

“Was that okay?” I ask. “Was that nice?”

“Perfect.” He lifts me up only to lay me on the bed. “You can be shy any time of the day, but when you’re with me, when I touch you, focus on how good I make you feel and nothing else. I want to push you further out of your comfort zone.”

“You just did.”

“Even further. You’re doing so fucking good.” His teeth nip my neck right above my pulse, then he kisses the spot, soothing the mild sting. “I want more.”

I bite my lip, unease already battling with the tingling sensation bubbling in the pit of my stomach. “Will it hurt?”

“No. I told you I’ll never hurt you, but if anything’s too much, use the safe word, okay?”

“Red. Okay.”

“Good girl.” He pecks my temple. “You don’t get to touch me now. And you don’t get to see or hear me.” He gets up and grabs three silk scarves from my wardrobe. “Face down, baby.”


“Do as you’re told. Face. Down. Now.”

I let out a shaky breath, flipping onto my stomach. I hate not seeing him, but I focus on his touch, ignoring the swish of scarves as he ties my ankles and wrists.

He flips me onto my back, looking me over inch by inch, his pupils blown, arousal on display when he climbs onto the bed, bending down to kiss me.

“You need to relax so you can enjoy this.”

I nod, words piling up on the tip of my tongue when he blindfolds me, and I’m left at his mercy… exposed.

“You’re beautiful, Mia,” he coos, skimming his lips down my stomach. “You’re mine, and I want to play with what’s mine, so you’ll be my little toy tonight.”

Music, slow, dark, and sensual, starts in my ears when he pushes two earphones in.

He grips my legs, resting my tied ankles on his back before he closes his lips on my clit, eagerly sucking it into his mouth.

I can’t touch him. I can’t see him, but it heightens the pleasure his urgent licks inflict. I can’t hear him growl, but the vibrations of his voice resonate on me, bringing me closer faster than before.

He doesn’t let me come. He stops when I’m seconds away and scrapes his teeth on the inside of my thigh before moving off.

My heart immediately thumps faster.

I can’t see him. I can’t hear him, and now I can’t feel him.

My pulse grows louder in my ears, but I lay still even though I want to rip off the blindfold to check he’s there.

The mattress dips by the headboard and Nico flips me over again, manhandling my body until I’m right where he wants me… face down, butt in his lap, legs bent and spread wide.

I can’t focus on what he’s doing. I’m squirming in place, thinking how exposed and vulnerable I am.

Nico gathers my hair in a fist, then wraps it around his wrist while the other hand reaches its mark. He circles his thumb around my entrance, making the muscles in my abdomen spasm.

The pleasant sensation dies quickly at the reminder of my position. I’m bent over his lap, and I have no control. The blindfold isn’t necessary. Shame burns my cheeks. I’m squeezing my eyes shut, trying to even out my breathing.

Nico tugs harder, making me arch, and I feel his lips on my temple as he slowly pushes his finger in. He releases my hair, grips my throat, and squeezes gently, massaging my neck while his finger plays with my G spot in a slow, torturous rhythm.

The music changes to something darker, more sensual. I’m starting to relax, the heightened sense of touch lets me feel Nico’s efforts three times more intensely.

The orgasm builds, stacking slowly, but the shame is gone once it’s within reach. There’s just the need to come… the fire that needs extinguishing.

I arch my hips, focused on the high that’s oh so close.

He slips a second finger in, pumping faster. My moans grow loud enough that I hear them over the music, but I’m too far gone to control myself. And I know Nico wants me to take what I need, only caring about myself.

I fist the sheets, and with the first circular motion of his thumb on my clit I’m coming, writhing on his lap while he prolongs a wave of orgasms. One, two—

The earphones are snatched out of my ears.

“One more,” he says, his tone urgent, his strokes faster. “I know it’s there, Mia… you need to come again for me. You’ve got one more in you, and I want it,” he chants. My walls spasm around his fingers. “That’s it, baby. That’s it. Chase that high.”

It comes like a tsunami… one, two, three. The pleasure resonates along every nerve ending in my body, and Nico’s aroused, satisfied voice intensifies the pleasure tenfold.

“There it is…” He bends down, pressing a hot, open-mouthed kiss to my nape. “Good girl. Ride it out. Let it happen.”

White spots flash before my eyes. I squirm in his lap, the orgasms long, torturous, and exhausting.

I bite the pillow, the sensation overwhelming when he eases his fingers out, gently rubbing my sensitive clit before he flips me over, covering my lips with his.

He lifts the blindfold, grazing his nose across my cheek. “Look at me,” he utters, voice full of greedy desire. He hangs over me, one hand cupping my face. “I’ve been trying to trigger your back-to-back orgasms since day one. It’s not easy.” He smiles, ghosting his fingers down the line of my waist. “Now that I know how, I want to know how many you can have so close together.”

“I didn’t know it was possible. Three are enough. That last one was so intense.”

He smiles again. “Yeah, I saw that… I felt that, baby. You like it when I talk. You like my voice.”

“I love your voice.”

“Next time, we’ll forget about the music.”


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