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Too Sweet: Chapter 29


“WHERE’S MIA?” Jimmy asks, walking into the house ten minutes past eight, his step bouncy.


I didn’t think I’d be ready for more after she took care of me with her lips, but seeing her come four times in a row skyrocketed my desire to uncontrollable levels. I had to have her. She couldn’t hold her weight, and after two more orgasms on my cock, she fell asleep while I took a quick shower, recalling the image of her beautiful lips wrapped around my length.

She’ll be on her knees for me a lot going forward.

Seeing her plump lips open for me almost tipped me over right then. Her pace was off, she only worked the head of my cock, but that delicacy and uncertainty painting her face were everything. I never came so fast from an oral. It usually takes much longer, and nine out of ten times, it doesn’t happen at all, but that was a different level of perfection. The orgasm rattled through me like an earthquake, powerful enough to cramp my thighs.

Jimmy shimmies out of his jacket, smirking as he rounds the breakfast bar to pull a bag of ice from the freezer. “Tired, is she?”

It’s odd… his nonchalance toward my sex life with his youngest daughter. My father’s the same, but I bet it’s different when you’re raising seven sons.

Jimmy’s casualness seems unnatural, and I can’t decide if the fact we’re friends makes it less or more odd.

“She’s not been sleeping well the past few nights,” I lie, hoping to cut the subject, but he only grins wider.

“Yeah, I bet the two hours you needed had nothing to do with her falling asleep at eight in the evening.”

Way to piss me off.

If any other girl was concerned, this conversation wouldn’t be a problem, but I’m falling in love with Mia. She’s mine. My girl. What we do in bed is off-limits to anyone’s ears.

“There are many things we can talk about,” I clip, folding my arms. “But what I do in bed with your daughter isn’t on the list. I respect her, I care about her, and that’s all you need to know.”

He holds his hands up in defeat, already slightly tipsy. “My apologies. You’re right. I just wish she’d stop blushing whenever sex comes up. She’s nineteen.”

“She’s only like that around you. I know Aisha has no filter, but Mia’s embarrassment shouldn’t surprise you. You said you know her, so you should know that talking about sex with her father isn’t something Mia will take lightly. It’s probably worse because you and I get along.”

He pours us two glasses, nodding along. “We’ve touched on a lot of different topics the last few days, but no matter what, whenever Mia’s mentioned, you get awfully territorial.”

I sip my drink, propping my ankle on my knee. “I don’t think you understand how much I care about her. I know you don’t mean anything bad, so I’m not reacting. You can get away with many things being her father. Most people would bleed if they asked the things you did about our relationship. Territorial, overprotective, possessive… I heard it all before, and believe me, it doesn’t begin to cover it.”

He beams wider with every one of my words. What the fuck is so amusing?

“I’d be pretty pissed off at that silent threat, Nico, if I hadn’t seen you with her. She’s at the heart of everything you do.”

“She’s Daddy’s girl, Jimmy, and that won’t change, but she’s mine now. Mine to care for. Mine to keep safe.”

He reaches out to clank his glass to mine, leaving my hasty confession without comment. We spend the rest of the evening booking flights and hotels for Mia and me; it’ll be my first vacation in years. Two weeks with my girl in Monaco and Italy, watching F1 races, dining in the fanciest restaurants, and sightseeing.

I can almost smell the authentic Italian cuisine already, almost hear the F1 cars lining up on the grid and imagine the bliss painting Mia’s face as she inconspicuously cheers Ferrari on when her dad isn’t looking.

Life doesn’t get much better.


Jimmy boards the plane early on Friday morning.

We’ll see him soon enough. The Monaco GP is in three weeks. Despite the anxiety of leaving my businesses in my brother’s hands, I can’t wait to get away from work.

“You’re allowed to call with emergencies only,” I tell Jasmine, briefing her on the plan of action on Friday afternoon. “Moody clients are your responsibility. I don’t want to hear about Mr. X’s idea to diversify his portfolio or any other shit like that.”

Jasmine nods, pushing her glasses up the bridge of her slim nose. “Unless the market crashes, you’re unavailable,” she mumbles, making notes. “Got it. I won’t bother you.”

“No, you won’t. Every time you think about calling me, call Colt. Any messages you want to give me go through him.”

Her head snaps to meet my gaze so fast I swear her neck cracks. “Colt? Your younger brother? I can do this myself, Nico. I don’t need anyone’s supervision.”

“That’s not negotiable. Whenever you feel the need to call me, call Colt. He’ll decide if it’s emergency enough to interrupt my first vacation since college.”

Colt’s the one I’ve been bouncing ideas off for the past couple years. He’s bright, quick, well-organized, and a problem-solver, making him the ideal business partner. I’ve been pondering the idea of bringing him into my business for a while. Now, I’ll have the perfect opportunity to check if he can handle the pressure.

A text pings in the group chat while I’m gathering my things to leave the office.

Theo: GET ME OUT OF HERE! Thalia’s driving me fucking insane. I’ve been in the shop three times today for pickles and licorice. I puked twice, too, watching her eat that. I need a beer. Who has time?

Logan: Sure, I could use a beer or five. Where and what time?

Cody: No can do. We’re busy tonight.

Theo: Yeah, no shit. I’ll send Thalia your way, Logan. She’ll keep Cass company. Nico? Shawn?

Shawn: Working.

Mia’s recording with Six, getting new songs ready for another party the triplets want to throw at the start of summer.

I can’t wait to hear the outcome. She doesn’t realize the potential stirring within her. That voice? It’s mighty. A hidden gem, and she writes songs: music and lyrics. You’d expect her to tour the world and line her shelves with Grammys, but Mia’s not interested in fame.

To be perfectly honest? I’m glad. I can’t imagine thousands of men swooning over my girl. I can’t imagine not seeing her whenever I felt like it because the Atlantic Ocean was in the way.

I’d make it work if she decided it was something she wanted to do, but I’m not about to force her. She’s perfectly content recording for fun and selling lyrics to the biggest names in the industry.

Me: Alright. Country Club in an hour?

A wave of thumbs up follows. I leave the office, call my girl to let her know, and exactly one hour later, I enter the building. My brothers are already there. Theo leans against the bar while Logan shows him something on his phone.

“Stop wearing matching outfits,” Theo says. “Don’t force your questionable sense of style on the kid.”

“I have the best sense of style out of all the Hayes. You’re all boring… predictable.”

I tap the bill of his cap that he wears backward as usual. “Says the guy with eighty baseball caps and a hundred Los Angeles Dodgers jerseys.”

“At least the color scheme of my wardrobe isn’t limited to shades of gray,” he bites back, waving the bartender over.

Within three minutes, with beers in hand, we find a tall table by the window overlooking the golf course and go through a whole beer before Theo’s done listing all the weird cravings his wife’s been having.

I’m sure she does this just to screw with me,” he huffs.

“You put a kid in there,” I say, calling out a waitress clearing a nearby table. “Get us another round,” I tell her, turning back to Theo. “Quit whining and feed your wife.”

“I’ve not had a full night’s sleep in forever, and the kid isn’t even here yet. She’s either sending me shopping, asking for massages, or waking me up because she can’t sleep. Was Cass like that?”

Logan shakes his head. “I can’t relate. The only thing Cass craved were lemons. Easy enough to find.”

“Lucky bastard. At least tell me you weren’t getting any. I’m riding solo almost since the start. No way we’ll have any more kids if this is what every pregnancy is like.”

“Can’t help here, either, bro.” Logan pinches his lips, clearly amused. “Thalia wakes you up for licorice and pickles, right? Cass woke me up for sex. Almost every night. Sometimes twice.” He smirks, then all-out laughs when Theo folds his arms over his chest like a moody kid. “Stop pouting. It was fucking awesome, but not easy to keep up with her needs.”

Theo shoves him away, feigning annoyance. “Boohoo. Cass didn’t eat weird shit, and you had sex all the time. That sure sounds like torture.” His eyes dart to me, and he automatically straightens his spine. “What did she do to you?”

I cock an eyebrow, looking at the waitress who just set another round of beers on the table. “She didn’t do anything. Why?”

“Not the waitress. Mia. What did she do to you?”

“I know you think you’re making sense, but you’re not.”

“You’re not wearing your AirPod,” he explains, explaining absolutely nothing. “You’re not barking or glaring, and… shit, man, you’re smiling.”

“Which you shouldn’t do,” Logan chips in, eyebrows pulled together. “Honestly, quit it. You look weird.”

“She didn’t do anything.”

“Yeah, she did,” Theo insists, emphasizing every word. “Spill it, bro. Is it the sex? That good, huh?”

I punch his shoulder harder than intended. “You want me to split your lip again? Mia’s just…” I trail off, searching for the right words. “I don’t know. I’ve been in the highest gear for years, working, chasing money, searching for something.”

“You mean a woman?”

I shrug, chugging a mouthful of beer. “Isn’t that what we all want? Life revolves around love in one way or another. Family, friends, that one person you come home to. I wanted that someone, but I was looking at the wrong women. I thought I needed a female version of myself… high-maintenance, career-driven. I was high—”

“High?” Theo mouths, exchanging a concerned look with Logan. “You mean drugs? You were on drugs?”

“I think you’d know if I were using, don’t you? I meant the chaos in my head. I was always on the go, never stopping, but since Mia came along, I’m low. My head is quieter. Not silent, but the chaos is manageable. She’s not exceeding my pace. She doesn’t have a pace. She rolls around in neutral, going with the flow, and I’m learning to do the same. I switched my phone off the other night for the first time in years.”

“Considering that thing is glued to your hand most of—” Logan huffs, waving me off when I pull my cell out, feeling a short vibration. “Baby steps, I guess.”

Mia: Hey, while you’re with your older brothers, could I go out with the younger three?


No, baby, stay home. I’ll be there in twenty minutes, is what I want to reply.

There goes my mellow composure…

Images of Mia dancing at the club fill my head. Her delicate moves, hips swaying while her fingers run up and down her sides, lipsyncing every song. Bliss on that pretty face. How oblivious she is to the men staring, craving what’s mine.

Looks like Toby was wrong. Not even the triplets can take Mia out without my mind going into fucking overdrive. I want to leave the bar, drive to her house and spend the night making her moan in my ear, then strangle my brothers in the morning for even thinking that taking my girl out is a good idea.

I toss the phone on the table. “Fuck.”

“What’s wrong?” Theo asks, his eyebrows pulled together.

“Mia wants to go out with the triplets.” I get up, the screaming in my mind not letting me sit still. I grip the back of the chair with both hands like it can anchor me in place. “Cheeky fuckers waited until I made plans and swooped in.”

“Very tiny baby steps,” Logan mutters, resting his elbows on the table. “You have a long way to go. She’s going out for a drink. You know the triplets will keep her safe. What’s the problem? You’re acting crazy… and I’m more comfortable with that than you smiling, so hit me. What’s going through your head?”

I know I’m acting crazy. He doesn’t have to tell me. I’m in low gear with Mia, but my protectiveness never hit as high.

She’s young. She should have fun, enjoy life, and get the parties out of her system. I fucking know all this. That line is a mantra I recite ten times a day to keep myself in check.

I don’t want Mia to miss out. She’s been slowly opening up about the bullying, telling me gory stories about the harassment and humiliation she suffered for years. She never had real friends, always alone, always verbally and mentally abused. It’s a fucking miracle she’s still trying to find her place. That she’s capable of trusting the triplets not to act like everyone else and that my temper didn’t scare her off at the start.

She never went to prom; missed every homecoming dance, every football game, every high school, and college party. Years of fun lost, years of experiences and memories never made.

I don’t want her to look back in ten years thinking she should’ve partied instead of being with me. But… if I could, I’d lock her in a padded room on a deserted island.

Mia shouldn’t ask for permission.

I have a love-hate relationship with her insecurity. I love when she’s timid around strangers, but I hate when she’s like that with me. And she is more and more often the longer we’re together, like she’s afraid that one day I’ll up and fucking leave.

That text shouldn’t be a question. It should be a statement. I’m going out with the triplets. I’ll call you when I’m home. That’s what she should’ve said.

But she didn’t.

“Nico,” Theo urges. “They’ve been friends long before you two met. She’ll be fine.”

I hate when he’s right. I can’t smother her. She already lets me get away with a lot of shit.

“I know she should go out and that I can’t be with her all the time.” I bang my fists on the table, inhaling a deep breath. “I can’t keep her safe if she’s out alone.”

“She won’t be alone,” Logan points out. “Of all people, the triplets won’t let a hair fall off her head, so what’s this really about? You’re jealous? You need to trust her. She’s a good kid.”

It has nothing to do with trust. I trust Mia more than I trust myself. She doesn’t look at other men, she doesn’t encourage anyone, and she keeps herself safe.

Jesus, she broke Brandon’s nose, for fuck’s sake. She’s not helpless. She just looks it, and that’s messing with my head.

I take another deep breath, sit down, and grab my phone. Mia’s pretty face smiles from the screen, muting the incessant buzzing blanketing my thoughts as I dial.

“Hey,” she answers. I can tell from the tone of her voice she’s uncertain. That she’s questioning texting me in the first place. “I don’t mind staying home.”

A tight rope ties itself around my chest. “You’re not staying home. Go, Mia. Have fun, but I want to know sooner next time so I can drive you.”

She’s silent for a whole ten seconds. “Are you sure? I wasn’t allowed to go out with Aisha—”

“That’s different. And I never said you’re not allowed. You’re mine, baby, but I don’t own you. I don’t make your decisions, I keep you safe, and I don’t trust Aisha to do that.”

“Do you trust your brothers? I don’t want you to worry.”

Like that’s a possibility.

Honest to God, I never stop thinking about Mia. I never stop worrying, and I’m pretty sure I need professional help to fix whatever the fuck is wrong with my head because it can’t be normal that I want to have her wrapped in my arms all the time.

“I do. Have fun but call me if you need me. And call me when you’ve had enough. I’ll come and get you.”

“Okay, I will. I promise, but if you change your mind—”

“I won’t. Be good, baby.”


I’m definitely falling in love with her. So fucking fast.

She cuts the call, and I immediately down the rest of my beer, sending a message to the group chat.

Me: Well played, boys.

Colt: Check, mate, bro. You can’t monopolize Mia like that.

Conor: We demand joint custody. You can’t keep her from us.

Me: I’m not her owner. If she wants to go, she goes. All I ask is that you keep her safe. You won’t like what follows if anything happens to her while she’s with you.

Conor: Shit. I expected more resistance. I had a whole game plan ready. You always ruin the fun.

I shouldn’t. I know I fucking shouldn’t, but I’ll turn gray overnight if I don’t, so I call the head of security at and instruct him to delegate one bouncer to keep an eye on Mia.

It’s just this once. After all, it’s the first time she’s going out since we’re together, and I just need a bit of reassurance. It’ll be different next time.

I’m a bit better knowing she’ll be looked after.

I’m a bit worse knowing I’m fucking insane.

“They’ll hate you for that,” Logan says, chugging the rest of his beer. “They kept her safe for a year, Nico.”

“I know. I’m working on this, okay? Really, I am, but it’s not easy rearranging my entire personality so fast.” I rub my face, closing my eyes briefly. “The triplets will keep her safe if they see something happen, but what if they don’t? What if they’re in line at the bar, and she’s alone?”

“You’re paranoid, bro. I mean, nothing new there, you’ve always been a bit looney, but I really don’t get it this time. You weren’t going overboard like that with Kaya.”

Theo folds his arms over his chest, a self-assured smirk curving his mouth. “He wasn’t in love with Kaya.”

I guess that’s one way of putting it.


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