Wolf Cabin: Chapter 17


Brandon’s body is on top of me. I have wanted this for so long. I close my eyes and cling to him as I quiver in the aftermath of my orgasm, my pussy still pulsing deliciously around his shaft. My Brandon.


He tenses and I know something is wrong. I open my eyes and stroke my fingers through his gorgeous black hair, basking in the beautiful orgasm he has just given me. I follow his gaze over his shoulder to see what has distracted him.


Seeing Finn standing in the doorway, my heart skips a beat. My beautiful Finn, red cheeked with the exertion of the hunt and the coldness of the snow outside. I am glowing from my orgasm, and oh how I love him in that moment.


But then I remember that he did not come to bed last night and the heartbreak I had felt these past few days comes rushing back over me in waves.


Brandon is still lying between my legs, his penis softening inside me. My hands stay at his waist as I looked defiantly into Finn’s eyes. There is a storm raging in them. Lust and frustration and anger, and many other things that I am unable to read.


I want him to stride to the bed and to take me in his arms and to tell me that he loves me. Wasn’t it him that always wanted to see me with other men in the first place? Or was it just me who reveled in being watched by him as I had wanted to watch Brandon all these years?


Giving Finn a blazing defiant look, I kiss Brandon in a line down his jaw, savoring the tingling pricks of his stubble against my lips. I plant a gentle kiss on his mouth to thank him for making love to me.


I don’t know how much of our lovemaking Finn has seen, but if he wants a show, that is exactly what I will give him. My eyes drop automatically to Finn’s hips, and I see the bulge of his arousal.


And then the outline of his phone in his pocket.


The phone makes me furious. He knows I am mad at him about Celine and he is still carrying it around. There can only be one reason for it.


He has made up his mind that he wants her.


I find that I am shaking with hurt. If he is so interested in seeing a woman being had by a man, then he can damn well see me.


Logan is standing beside Finn, and he looks proud of me. I extend my arms towards him. He gives me a loving smile and closes the distance between us.


Brandon and Hunter kiss me, one on the mouth, the other on the shoulders, and then get up off the bed, leaving me alone in it.


I give Uncle Logan a loving smile and part my legs for him. I want him. I know he wants me even if Finn doesn’t. I need to feel loved.


Uncle Logan doesn’t let me down. He has already unbuckled his jeans and is stepping out of them, exposing his enormous shaft rising up as it becomes engorged with blood.


He climbs onto the mattress with no hesitation, seeming not to care at all about our audience. He is fully hard is seconds, his cock jutting up from the thick dark hair of his groin.


I prop myself up on my elbows so that I can watch him. He nestles in between my spread thighs and rubs his glistening penis tip along my welcoming slit. Each time it grazes my clitoris a tingle surges through my body.


“I want you inside me,” I murmur.


My breath catches as he slowly pushes his thick cock head into my entrance. I glance over his shoulder to where Finn is watching helplessly, the pupils of his amber eyes widely dilated.


I keep my gaze fixed on his face as Uncle Logan withdraws his cock from me for a moment and then pushes all the way back inside again. Finn’s mouth parts. His eyes rise to meet mine. He swallows hard.


I am vaguely aware of Hunter and Brandon enjoying the view, but I have eyes only for Finn. His fists clench at his sides. Is he angry at me? Or is he trying as hard as he can to not take his own hard cock into his hands?


I want him to do it. I want him to feel as much pleasure in this moment as much as I am feeling.


As Uncle Logan slowly eases his cock in and out of me, Finn’s chest rises and falls faster and his breathing grows ragged. Finally he closes his eyes. Whether in despair or something else I cannot tell.


It makes me feel defeated somehow, the thought that he might be unhappy.


As if sensing my mood, Uncle Logan gently brushes my lips with his to bring my attention back to him. Then he lowers his mouth onto one of my breasts and sucks my puffy nipple into his mouth. As he suckles on it I begin to moan, and the sensation of his cock thrusting in and out of me seems to intensify between my legs.


Uncle Logan kisses my other nipple briefly, and then raises his head to gaze into my eyes. He kisses the corner of my lip and murmurs, “Do you want him?”


I want to whisper yes. I want to so badly but my pride won’t let me. I won’t let myself want him as long as he is in touch with Celine. I can’t bear to want him unless he wants me as badly too.


“He doesn’t want me,” I whisper so quietly that only Uncle Logan can hear.


“The hell he doesn’t,” Uncle Logan growls softly.


He puts an iron band like arm around my waist, pulling me close to his chest and then he rolls over onto his back so that I am lying on top of him.


“Ride me,” he says.


I do, putting my palms on the mattress on either side of him to support myself as I raise and lower my hips, undulating them to increase the fiction.


I love this angle and the control it gives me. I clench my pussy hard as I raise myself up from him, feeling my muscles sucking at his shaft, and then I thrust myself down until I am fully impaled on him.


He growls in satisfaction and tugs me forward so that he can suck on my breasts. I arch my back to take him in deeper. This raises my buttocks so that the men watching from behind us can clearly see Uncle Logan’s shaft buried inside me.


I raise myself up a couple of inches and then sink back down, loving the fact that Finn can see me fucking him like this. This is exactly like the photo that Celine sent to him, except it is better than any photo. This is real life, and I cannot resist taking a glance back to see his face.


His eyes looked glazed over, and they are fixed on the spot between my legs where I am grinding against Uncle Logan’s thick shaft. I raise myself up and slide myself down slowly, all the while keeping my eyes and Finn’s mesmerised face.


“You want him,” Uncle Logan growls.


“He doesn’t want me,” I whisper.


Finn’s jaw clenches. He looks angry.  My heart gives a sudden lurch and tears pool in my eyes.


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