Wolf Cabin: Chapter 18


The heartbreak in her eyes stuns me. How can she think I don’t want her? She is all that I have ever wanted.


Seeing her riding my Uncle Logan with such confidence has filled my chest with pride.


My jaw clenches so hard at the glimmer of tears in her eyes that my teeth ache. What is wrong with me? Why have I never been able to show her how much I care?


I have told her where my obsession for seeing her with other men came from. Since that first time I saw Uncle Logan and Hunter take a young she-wolf together at the same time, I have dreamt of seeing it again.


I have seen Hunter with many girlfriends over the years. He liked to leave his door open to give me a glimpse. But nothing could have ever prepared me for this moment.


Watching her tightly clinging pussy lips swallow up Uncle Logan’s thick shaft makes my heart soar.


I never knew how happy this would make me. She doesn’t either.


And she doesn’t know how envious I am. It should be me inside her.


Her eyes these past few days have been filled with disappointment when she looked at me. Even now, her eyes are filled with longing but also that same disappointment.


I want to take her my arms and kiss the sadness away from her face. Why is she so mad at me? I have loved seeing her flourish in her sexuality and confidence these past few days.


I told Celine to stop messaging me the day Jenna had told me how angry she was. I told her in such clear terms that she hadn’t replied, let alone sent any more revealing pictures. And I had been glad.


I had kept my phone with me in the hope that if Jenna couldn’t tell me what she wanted from me with her voice then maybe she might tell me via a text message. Any form of communication would have been better than this nothing that has been eating me alive.


My mind has been consumed with wanting Jenna. And wanting her to want me.


And yet Jenna’s disappointment in me had made me mad at her. Hadn’t I made it clear I wanted her, not Celine? How could she think otherwise?


I take my phone out from my pocket and throw it to the floor. To my annoyance it merely bounces, unbroken. I bring my heel down on it hard until it smashes. Pieces of glass and plastic go flying across the room.


I should’ve done that earlier. I shouldn’t have brought the damn thing here in the first place. I should’ve told Celine I wasn’t interested in her right from the start.


I had let her send them because I knew it would make Jenna jealous. But then the more I saw the photos the more I had begun to doubt whether I could ever give Jenna the sort of relationship she wanted.


She’d made it clear she wanted it to be just her and me, but I needed to see her receiving passion from other men and loving it.


Like she is now.


I look up from my smashed phone, my chest heaving, and find Jenna looking at me with blazing love in her eyes. Tears are running down her cheeks and she is beaming at me. Her beautiful smile. For me.


I take a hesitant step towards her.


“What are you waiting for, boy?” growls my uncle.


And then I feel something I have never felt before. A connection opens in my mind. I feel a wet tightness around my cock, and a gentle weight pressed on my hips. It hits me in a rush that my uncle has opened his alpha wolf connection with me. I am feeling what he is feeling.


I am feeling Jenna riding him.


The moment stuns me. He has never done this before. Not even during a hunt, when alphas use this ability to communicate with their pack. And now he is letting me feel the sensation of being ridden by her. It is merely a shadow of what he himself can feel, and yet I am overwhelmed.


He clenches Jenna’s buttocks as she rides him slowly, and I feel the ghost of every movement. He pulls the cheeks of her ass apart to reveal her hidden cleft and the tiny bud of her anus, inviting me to take her.


“I want you,” she whispers. “I want you inside me now.”


My uncle holds her ass cheeks apart for me. “Don’t keep her waiting,” he says.


My heart pounds. I realize this is what I have wanted all along. Years ago my uncle did this for my brother, and now he’s doing it for me. And the woman in his arms is my own beloved Jenna.


I climb onto the bed and kneel behind her. My hands grip her waist, and my mouth seeks out hers for a deep kiss. My cock is against her lower back. Her skin rubs against me as she rises and falls on my uncle’s erection.


I take my cock in my hand and guide it to the tight bud of her virgin ass. As I rub her there, she gasps, “You’re my first.”


I nod. Somehow I knew I’d be her first.


I slip my hand down to her pussy and rub her engorged lips which are tight around his shaft. She is so wet.


I gather the moisture and rub it into her ass crack, and then on my shaft until I am slick. I position my cock head against her and press in a little to ease open her tiny hole.


She gasps. “Finn! That feels, so… so strange. And so good. More!”


I push harder with my hips. She is so incredibly tight. I pull her buttocks apart and watch my slick penis disappear inside her.


Knowing that this is something she has never experienced before is incredible, and so as the feeling of being inside her itself. The sensation overwhelms me and I have to stay still for a moment for fear that I may come too soon.


She is unbelievably tight. More than I’d imagined possible. After a moment I pull out slowly and then thrust back in tenderly.


“I love you, baby,” I murmur against the back of her neck.


“I love you too,” she pants. “Oh God, it feels so good.”


All this while she has remained still against my movements, but now my uncle begins to thrust up into her in rhythm with me. I realize her tightness is because his massive cock is inside her pussy. I can feel his hardness moving through her vaginal wall.


The reality of the two of us making love to her together descends on me suddenly, and a harsh cry of satisfaction rips from my throat. I find myself moving faster and faster, barely able to contain the growls rising from deep in my chest.


She squirms between us. “Touch me, Finn,” she begs.


And I know exactly where she wants me to touch her. I cup her sensitive little breasts, at first gently and then more firmly. When she is gasping and whining for more, I finally rub my rough palms over her tender nipples until she shudders. Then I pinch and squeeze them in rhythm to our fucking.


The three of us move together as if we are one body. Now my uncle sets the rhythm with his deep thrusts and I follow his pace until she is writhing and moaning between us.


When her cries begin to reach a crescendo I slip one hand between her legs and flick her clitoris rapidly with my finger.


She throws back her head and screams my name as she comes.


Her ass clenches tight around me and I feel her pussy clench on him. With a shout he and I both come, powerfully thrusting ourselves into her over and over as we release our seed.


Afterwards she continues to rock back and forth slowly with us buried inside her still. I play with her tits as my uncle lies back, his hands behind his head, watching us.


She turns her face towards me for a kiss. I nibble tenderly at her mouth and murmur against her lips, “This is what I wanted baby. This is what I always want.”


“Now I know why,” she whispers. “I want it too.”


My uncle slides his hand possessively up and down her waist, then down to her pussy slit to tickle her clit. She gives a breathy little gasp into my mouth.


He chuckles. “Don’t worry, honey,” he says. “You’re going to have everything you want.”


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