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Wolf Cabin: Chapter 19


It is our last night here, and finally it is the right moment to wear one of the sexy lingerie ensembles I had bought for Finn. Bra, corset, garter belt and stockings. Pale pink edged with black lace. Naughty and nice, just like me.


It has the exact effect on Finn as I hoped it would. When he comes into out room his mouth drops open. His clothes are off in under a minute.


“You’re so beautiful,” he says, as he shuts our door and climbs straight into bed beside me.


I open my arms for him and he kisses me briefly on the mouth while he pulls my bra straps over my shoulders and my cups down.


“And these tits. You have no idea how much I love these nipples.”


He eagerly lowers his head to rasp his tongue over my sensitive pink flesh. He nuzzles slowly as he works one of his hands down to my ass. He growls in approval at finding I have left my panties off.


He palms my buttocks, rubbing each firm round orb with expertise until my hips are grinding against his hands, yearning for more.


His hand trails over my thighs and then between my legs, where he strokes along my slit so lightly that I begin to moan in frustration.


“Please, Finn!”


“This?” he says teasingly, and presses a finger into my moist slit.


“Yes!” I cry, my hips arching involuntarily off the bed.


His fingers explore my slit and glide over my clitoris. My eyes close, so I can focus on the sensations he is bringing to life.


I am greedy for him and him alone.


I feel in almost a trancelike state. It is so delicious to be here with him. This is what I have longed for and now it is happening.


“You look good enough to eat. You want me to eat you, baby?”


“Mmm, yes,” I say dreamily.


He lowers his face between my legs and I gasp at the first touch of his lips. He holds my thighs apart and slowly flicks his tongue up and down my slit. The feeling is heavenly.


I sigh, and cannot help undulating my hips.


“You like that, baby?”


“Yes,” I murmur.


“You taste so sweet.”


I guide his head back down and cry out in relief as he begins to lap more firmly at my tender folds.


He concentrates on my clitoris and a tingling feeling begins to build deep inside me. Just as I am about to come, he moves his head away.


I moan out loud in disappointment.


But he is repositioning himself between my thighs. He lowers himself over me until he is propped on his elbows, his face is above mine.


“I want to see you come,” he says. “I want to be inside you.”


I stroke his hair back from his brow. “I want that too.”


He guides my hand down to his shaft. It is thick and rigid. A thrill runs through me, knowing he is hard for me.


He lowers his hips until his cock is touching my labia. He rubs his large cock head along my opening.


I slide my hand down his length and grip his shaft firmly. As I guide it inside me, he thrusts gently with his hips. I moan as he glides all the way in.


“Baby, I’ve wanted this for so long,” I murmur.


“So have I,” he says, his amber eyes gazing deep into my green ones.


It is like he is trying to see into my soul. I am fascinating by the tiny changes of expressions in them as he moves inside me, stretching me, grinding against me. I can see the intensity of his pleasure. He can see mine.


The powerful sense of connection overwhelms me, and I close my eyes.


“Don’t,” he murmurs. “I want to see you, all of you.”


I open them again. He rewards me by moving his hips faster, and I raise mine to meet his every thrust. I raise my legs upwards and angle myself so he can penetrate me even further, and I succumb to the delicious pleasure he is building in me.


Little waves of exquisite pleasure begin gathering inside me. I see them reflected in his eyes as if they are gathering inside him too.




“Jenna,” he gasps, working himself faster now.


Euphoria gathers into a tight knot in my womb and then bursts free, igniting me, engulfing me.


We cry out in unison as we come, both of us glimpsing the incredible in each other’s eyes.


The waves of pleasure inside me recede slowly.


Finn holds me close as if he can’t bear to let go. He rolls onto his back, so that I am sprawled over his chest. He kisses my forehead.


“I love you, baby,” he says.


“I love you too.”


I lay there listening to his heart beat for a long time. Eventually a little thought niggles at me.


“Finn?” I murmur shyly.


“Yes, baby?”


“You don’t mind that I was with Uncle Logan and Hunter and Brandon?”


“I loved watching you enjoy them, baby.”


“Good,” I say, circling a finger around his nipple. “I loved being watched by you. Will we do it again?”


“As often as you like.”


“You think they’ll want to?”


He chuckles. “Hell yes, they will. They’re crazy about you.”


“Good, because I only want them and you.”


“That’s enough for me.”




He raises his head to look down at me, looking incredulous. “Except what?” he asks eagerly.


I give him a coy smile. “Except maybe one other surprise I’ve been thinking of giving you.”


His breathing quickens. “Who?” he demands.


“It’s a surprise,” I insist, squirming and laughing as he tries to tickle it out of me.


No matter his efforts, I refuse to tell him. I know it will delight him.


After that he can barely keep his hands off me all night.


The next day we wake up very tired, and the others tease us both mercilessly during breakfast.


On our journey back home, I feel a little sad thinking that what happened here in Otherworld has to stay in Otherworld.


I have Finn, but the thought of saying goodbye to Uncle Logan and Hunter and Brandon makes my heart ache. I can’t imagine how we can all continue to see each other in the real world.


We step through the portal, and on the other side Uncle Logan, Hunter and Brandon kiss me goodbye. I linger in each kiss, clinging to them.


Uncle Logan has a business meeting, so he heads straight back home. Hunter and Brandon go with him.


Finn drives me back to my dorm. It feels so odd to be returning there, as if I am a bird returning to a small cage after learning to fly.


Finn takes a wrong turn, and when I point it out to him he smiles at me.


“We aren’t going there.”


“Where are we going?”


“You’ll see.”


He pulls up the car outside a gated driveway in the exclusive neighborhood not too far from college. The gate slides open, as if recognizing the car.


We go down a long driveway through beautiful gardens, and stop in front of the most gorgeous house.


I get out of the car, exclaiming, “What’s this?”


He puts his arm around me. “One of my uncle’s houses.”


“Why are we here?”


“This is our new home, baby.”


I squeal, and turn to gaze at him with wide eyes. “You cannot be serious?”


“Of course I am. You can’t live in dorms. There is no room for Uncle Logan and Hunter and Brandon when they come to visit.”


“Oh Finn!” I gasp, bouncing on my toes because I cannot contain my excitement. “They’re going to visit?”


“Honey,” he says. “Of course they are. How could they stay away from you?”


Laughing softly, he takes my hand and we go to explore our new home. It is beautiful and large, which excites me enough to suggest that Clara, who is too sweet to deal with her awful roommate, might want to come and live with us.


“No,” he says firmly. “We want you all to ourselves. We’ll think of something else for Clara.”


We spend a few days enjoying the new house before I even bother to go back to my dorm to pick up my things. Clara comes to help, and while Finn is getting my things from the kitchen, she squeezes my hand.


“It’s amazing!” she says. “You knew you wanted Finn and you made things right for you. How did you do it?”


“In ways I could never have predicted,” I tell her.


“I’m so happy for you.”


She beams her sweetly dimpled smile at me, but there is a tiny hint of sadness in her eyes.


Clara has always been such a romantic, which is why it is so bittersweet that her crush on her mystery man has remained unrequited.


She says he is impossibly out of reach. She’s never even told me his name.


After my time in Otherworld I have begun to wonder whether he is out of reach because of what society might think. Who on earth could he be? An older man? Otherkind?


Then I laugh at myself. Never my sweet Clara. She wouldn’t.


“What?” she asks, looking curious at my amusement.


“Nothing.” I wrap my arms around her shoulders and give her a hug. “It’s going to happen for you too. I’m sure of it.”


After we have packed up my things into boxes and suitcases, Clara leaves for a class. Finn tells me someone will be coming to help us move my things.


As we stack my boxes outside my door, I am not surprised that Celine stops by. “Where are you going?” she says accusingly.


She pouts at Finn, batting her eyelashes and posing herself in the doorway so that the curves of her body are shown to maximum effect.


“Somewhere you can’t bother us,” Finn says.


She gasps. “As if I’d want to!”


“Then why are you here?” says a voice from behind her.


I squeal in delight and run past a gaping Celine to throw my arms around Hunter.


He picks me up and twirls me around. He whispers in my ear, “You look good enough to eat.”


As I blush and smile shyly up at him, I glimpse a scowl on Celine’s face that makes warmth flush inside me.


“Any packing left to do?” Hunter enquires, strolling into my room.


“We are all done,” I say following him in.


“No we are not,” he says with a mischievous smile.


He shuts the door firmly on an outraged Celine, before taking me into his arms to nuzzle my neck.


Finn hugs me from behind and I lean back into his arms, sighing in bliss at being held by two handsome men who I love more than I could have imagined, and eagerly anticipating everything that comes next.


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