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The Alpha King’s Heart: The King’s Mate: Chapter 98

My Beloved Boyfriend

The door to my bedroom opened a few hours later and I closed my eyes, Wyatt walked over to my side and kissed my temple before he went to the bathroom. Should I talk to him about what I learned today? Why did he lie to me?

I was still in thought when the water stopped and he stepped out, my eyes were shut but I could tell he knew I was awake yet, he didn’t say anything. He got in bed next to me and put me in an embrace.

Sleep evaded me that night while Wyatt was out like a light. I willed myself to sleep and morning came too quickly,

‘Good morning,’ Came Wyatt’s voice. I stirred and stretched my limbs before sitting right.

‘Morning,’ I said groggily, rubbing my eyes.

‘I made breakfast,’ he said and raised the tray in his hands.

‘Thanks,’ I took it, he made a lot of delicious goodies. I took a bite of everything on the tray and he watched me carefully.

‘Toast is amazing, sausage too but crepes, not too good,’ I commented. He frowned and passed me my macha.

‘What did I do to please you that I got breakfast in bed?’ I asked.

‘You get breakfast in bed just for being my mate,’ he smiled at me. Wyatt didn’t want to talk about what happened yesterday in the office and would do anything to avoid me bringing up the issue. I fed him some of my toast and he took a large bite of it.

‘Hey!’ I protested. He only grinned. I finished eating and he put the breakfast tray away and went to the closet.

‘Wanna join me in the bath?’ he asked, coming out with only his boxers and my eyes traveled down his amazing abs to his bulging dick under those boxers.

‘Sure,’ I jumped out of bed and followed him to the jacuzzi where a warm bath with oils was already waiting. I got in and sat between his legs, my back against his front.  His strong hands were massaging my shoulders softly. I didn’t want to interrupt this moment with the mention of May Wallace but I’d never be at peace if I didn’t ask.

‘May Wallace,’ I started, his hands stopped moving and I heard his breath hitch.

‘How do you know about her,’ his voice was strained, I wanted to turn to look at him but he held me in place.

‘You didn’t tell me you loved her,’ I whispered.

‘I didn’t love her,’

‘But you cared enough to almost go into a state of depression when your father killed her,’  My voice was soft.

‘I’m sorry for not being honest. The truth is that I cared deeply for her and I was the first one to know who she really was,’

‘Did she tell you?’

‘Yes, we were in bed and I remember her being so… Vulnerable, that was the first time I saw her like that as she was so strong and jovial. We have been drinking earlier on, and she confessed to me,’ he told me. My heart hurt badly at his confession and I felt tears well in my eyes.

‘Did you tell the dark king?’ I asked.

‘No, I didn’t want anything bad to happen to May… Father only found out because Azriel told him,’ he said. I abruptly turned around to face him. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Why did Azriel out her?

‘Is that why you hate Azriel? Because he’s the reason she’s dead?’ I asked, looking him in the eye but he only faced the floor and my heart dropped. Wyatt cared so much for her.

‘Did you get over her death?’ I asked. He watched me patiently and thought of his next response, my mate didn’t want to hurt me but didn’t want to hide anything from me either.

‘Yes, it took some time but I did. May Wallace was our foe and deserved what she got but for a long time, I carried anger against Azriel for saying something to our father,’ Wyatt wasn’t looking at me now. His breath shuddered,

‘I’m sorry for not telling you the whole truth when it came up earlier,’ his voice was low. I stood up and left him in the bath. I needed to go for a run. My heart was constricting in my chest and I was having a hard time to breath.

Reaching the backyard, I shifted into my beautiful wolf and ran through the forest. The run was long and comforting after what Wyatt told me. I had so many questions. Why didn’t he tell me about this sooner? Was he ashamed that he cared deeply for May Wallace? What kind of a woman was May Wallace?

‘They were just young, no older than eighteen!’ My wolf came to Wyatt’s defense as always. I didn’t want to talk to her right now so I shut her out. I only slowed down in my run when I felt two presence beside me, Kate and Wolf. I halted and eyed the vampire, her eyes were red and her hair was a mess, her clothes even had blood on them. I shifted back, not caring that I was naked.

‘Hi,’ I greeted. Kate smiled at me, and I looked down at her bloody hands.

‘Not mine, I tried going back to my home,’ she pouted.

‘What’s there?’ I asked she told me last time that she was banished there.

‘Ethan,’ she said casually.

‘Who’s Ethan?’

‘My beloved boyfriend,’ she answered with a smile on her pretty face.

‘What happened to Ethan?’

‘Detective Bradley Burkey happened,’ Kate scowled, she eyed me and I found myself blushing at my nakedness now.

‘The cottage isn’t far from here. I could give a tee and I could use a beer,’ she said. She was bored being alone here and I didn’t want to go back home now.

‘That’d be great,’ I said.

I followed her back to her small cottage and she gave me a sweater dress that I wore. We sat on the veranda where we did the last time she came here.

‘So, Ethan,’ I said and she smiled softly.

‘Ethan,’ she breathed.


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