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Breaking Hailey (Shadows of Obsession Book 1)
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Breaking Hailey (Shadows of Obsession Book 1)

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Status: Completed Type: , Author: Released: 13 February 2024 Native Language: English Posted by: The-Books-Collector Posted on: Updated on: View: ? Views
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Synopsis Breaking Hailey (Shadows of Obsession Book 1)


One evening, two years’ worth of memories lost.
Under the pretense of recovery, my father sends me to an elite boarding college, but soon, my memories start rushing back, and it’s obvious I’m not at Lakeside to heal.
I’m here to hide.
Navigating the scattered past to decipher the threat lurking in the shadows is hard while I’m kept in the dark and even harder when he steals my focus. Crude, arrogant, and threatening, he draws me in, and the closer I get, the less I understand.

Waking up without memories is terrifying, but remembering the time I lost is infinitely worse.


Guilty by association, Hailey Scarlett Vaughn deserves pain.
The moment I see her, I want to wrap my fingers around her neck and squeeze…
No matter how big the temptation, I need to extract a key hidden in the depths of her mind first.
A key to my father’s freedom.
Hailey’s a pawn in a complex game of revenge. A tool in my hands, but as she starts to remember, I realize we’re both tangled in an intricate web of lies that tightens every day.

The harder I push to break her, the faster she breaks me.

– Dark academia vibes
– Amnesia
– Age gap
– Mafia
– Plot & Spice Heavy
– Enemies to lovers
– OTT Morally grey MMC
– She’s a cop’s daughter

Breaking Hailey is set in the same universe as Broken Rules and Broken Promises. You don’t have to read the Broken Duet before diving into Breaking Hailey. However, some characters from the Broken Duet will make an appearance in this book.

Read Breaking Hailey (Shadows of Obsession Book 1)



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